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Mystery Gift is an option used to receive Pokémon at official Nintendo events.

Wonder Gift only exists by action replay, however both can't be used simontaneously.

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If you have Mystery Gift for LeafGreen but can not get the Wonder Gift what is the problem?

simple.u have to link up with Nintendo to get the wonder gift optionAnsweru can get onto mystery gift by going into a mart and answer on the questionare LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL and go back to the start and select mystery gift i don't know what 2 do then???

How do you delete unused wonder cards in Pokemon diamond?

Main Menu > Mystery Gift. Then it shows your wonder card and also gives you an option to delete one or more.

How do you put in a wonder mail code in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers Of Time?

When you turn on your game, on the main menu there's the option to enter wonder mail codes.

What can you do once you have the Mystery Gift in Pokemon Emerald?

You will need two wireless adapters. Then you should go to the option Wonder Gift on Mystery Gift. I don't know what to do from there, though.

How do you get a Jirachi Wonder Card?

You have to use the Mystery Gift option and connect to Wi-Fi from the End of June 2010 to about mid-July 2010 to get a Jirachi Wonder card and the Pokemon Jirachi.

How do you access the code option in Pokemon mystery dungeon's explores of time?

Go to the main menu and choose wonder mail. Then choos receive wonder mail and choose password to enter in wonder mail passwords.

How do you get the Mysetery Gift in Pokemon Diamond through Get From A Friend?

The only way to get a Mystery Gift from a friend is if they have a Mystery Gift Wonder Card that is sharable. If they do they'll be able to select that when viewing it and then you'll be able to receive it from the "Get From A Friend" option under Mystery Gift.

How do you get to islands 8 9 on Pokemon leaf green version?

use the mystery gift option use the mystery gift option

How do you get the real mystery gift on Pokemon LeafGreen it keeps saying something about a wonder card and a wonder news?

first go to a pokemart and right nextto the lady there is going to be a paper.in the paper you right link together with all and you have to save your game and turn it off, when you turn it back on opn the option list where it says continiue game go down and there it will say mistery gift.

How do you get the mystery gift on Pokemon HeartGold?

The mystery gift option is already at your disposal. Unlike in Diamond and Pearl, you already have the mystery gift option. Before accessing your save file, just scroll down to the mystery gift option.

Pokemon mystery dungeon blue team codes you dont need an action repaly for?

i added a link here, go to the wonder mail option and type in the codes. what link?!?!?!?!

On Pokemon LeafGreen how do get to far away island?

Mystery gift and then mystic ticket mystery gift:(go to mart, click questionaire and type like together for all and save and turn game back on[it should be below option new game])

How do you use wonder mail in Pokemon mystery dungeon explores of darkness?

To use Wonder Mail, you go to the "Wonder Mail" option on the screen that comes right after all the advertisements. Then you if you want to send the Wonder Mail or receive it. It's basically self explanatory after that except you need Wi-Fi for one of the options.

How do you use the wonder mail in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon on PC?

Go to the pelliper post office then talk to the peliper on the right then enter the code of your wonder mail, you should recieve the mission or restart the game then press the wonder mail option in the list then type the right code if wrong it will not work

Where do you get mystery gift?

The mystery gift option is already available in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver. Before starting your save file, there is a menu option that says 'Mystery Gift'. It is already built into the game.

In Pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team how do you get wonder mail?

You have to type in a code in the wondermail option on the menu.Look at the question "What are some good wondermail codes?".You will find something very interesting in my answer to that question at the bottom of the answers or go to www.upokecenter.com to create your own under mystery dungeon not mystery dungeon 2

How do you get a mew in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You have no way of getting it ingame. Your only option is to trade it from another game that has Mew in it.

How do you catch a deoxes on Pokemon FireRed?

You have to get the Aurora Ticket from a Nintendo Event and head to Birth Island to solve the puzzle. I've never been to the island before, so I don't know how to solve the puzzle. Sorry. Oh, and in order to get the ticket, you must have the Mystery Gift option available in the pre-game menu. Just head to a Pokemon Mart and fill out the questionnaire with "LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL" to get it. Once you have that, simply access Mystery Gift and select the ticket from the Wonder Gift option. However, in order to get the ticket under the Wonder Gift option, you must hook up to a Wonder Spot at a Nintendo Event. So it's back to square one. Sorry.

How do you do an event in Pokemon soul silver Using wifi?

First, before entering your save file, scroll down to choose the Mystery Gift option. Then choose the Wi-Fi option. It will search for an event, and if you find one, you can download it. You can have up to a maximum of three Wonder Cards.

How do you trade Pokemon from mystery dungeon to Pokemon coloseum on the GameCube?

Try getting a link cable for a gameboy and the gamecube then see if there is an option somewhere in Pokemon Colloseum. However, I don't believe you can trade Pokemon from Pokemon mystery dungeon to another game.

How To Get Mystery Gift in LeafGreen?

You will have to enter a pokemart, ANY pokemart will do. Then go to the counter where there is a survey and enter the following words: "Link together with all". When that is done, the cashier will come up and talk to you and you will have the mystery gift option. Now, Save, restart your GBA/VBA and bam! You will have an option called mystery gift in the menu.

When are Pokemon events going on?

it depends if you have the mystery option you will get events sometimes you get the mystery event by going to petalburg poke center and talk to your father next to the PC type mystery event is ecxiting and you will get mystery option under new game but in order to do that you have to beat 5 gyms.

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