Why is the article on plies son heartbreaking to you?

i really love plies and i will die 4 him i love all of his music and i am his #1 fan and no one can take that away from me becuz plies is my life besides my family and if you love plies as much as i do please show how you feel about him i cry or scream anytime i hear his name that's why this article is heartbreakin me and i don't care what plies music talk about or what he has done in his past becuz cuz i love him and that's that i speak the truth about him and if anyone is against it plz let me know I FELL DA SAME WAY BUT PLIES GO IN FRONT OF MY FAMLIY CUZ DEY HATE ME CUZ OF ONE LITTLE THING PLIES IZ MY EVERY THING JST LIK U SAID I WILL DIE FO HIM