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Why is the back bone is not the longest bone in your skeletal system?


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Because it is made up of a series of bones called vertebrae and is not one continuous bone. The longest bone, at a guess, is probably the femur.

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They are the same. Femur = thigh bone = longest bone of skeletal system

Fun Fact: The femur is the strongest and the longest bone in the skeletal system.

Your Femur (thigh bone) is the largest bone in your skeletal system.

The most longest bone in skeletal system of the body is the FEMUR.

They are the connective tissue of the skeletal system. They connect bone to bone.

The femur is the longest and strongest weight bearing bone of the skeletal system. The thigh and quadricep muscles surround this bone.

the skeletal system looks like a bunch of bones. the back bone is up of 26 small bones

Your skeleton IS the skeletal system. Every bone is part of it.

Yes squirrels have back bones because they have a skeletal system any other mammal

no. it is the part of appendicular skeletal system...

The largest and strongest bone in the human skeletal system is the femur. The femur is also referred to as the thigh bone.

The stirrup "bone in the ear"

The skeletal system includes compact bone. The skeletal system includes the bones, tendons, and ligaments.

the skeletal system's organ is the bone.

The skeletal system is made of bone, cartilage, ligament, and more

There are no organs in the skeletal system. The skeletal system is comprised of the bone structure of an organism; i.e. metatarsals, cranium etc.

No, the only animals that have skeletal systems are vertebrates such as reptiles, mammals, birds, sharks, whales and some amphibians. By Vertebrates it means that they have a back bone.Other species of animals do not have a skeletal system.

well bone marrow is a substance that is inside of the bone, so there for bone marrow is part of the skeletal system.

The skeletal system is comprised of bones that make up the human skull, back bone and thorax. These bones give us shape and the power to move.

No. Blood cells are produces in the bone marrow, which is NOT part of the skeletal system (despite the name). Bone marrow is part of the lymphatic system.

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