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It is based on units of ten, and the boiling point of water on the centigrade scale is 100 degrees. That's what centigrade means: Centi=100. Gradus=step or degree.

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Who made Centigrade temperature?

the centigrade scale was invented and named after ANDERS CELSIUS

How do you spell sulsius?

The temperature scale is spelled Celsius (centigrade), named for Anders Celsius.

Is Celsius and Centigrade the same?

Yes they are. However note that Celsius is the surname of the person who invented the scale. The scale is often named after him in memory.

Who invented the Celsius temperature scale?

The Celsius or Centigrade scale was named after the Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius (1701-1744), who developed a similar scale in 1742.

Why centigrade scale starts from 0?

It doesn't "start at 0"; there are both negative and positive temperatures on the Centigrade scale.

What is the difference between Celsius and Centigrade?

They are the same thing. The temperature scale also called Centigrade is named after the Swedish astronomer, Anders Celsius where the temperature of water froze at 1 degree and boiled at 100 degrees. Anders Celsius called his proposed scale 'Centigrade', but the name was officially changed in 1948.

Are Celsius temperatures the same as centigrade temperatures?

I'm pretty sure they areAnswer: Yes, Celsius and Centigrade are the same temperature scale. It's just a lucky coincidence that they both start with "c". The scientist responsible for this scale was Celsius. He named the scale centigrade because there are 100 (centi-) degrees (grades) from freezing to boiling. Later on, it was decided to use his name for the scale, just as Fahrenheit and Kelvin are so honored.

What is centigrate?

Centigrade, also known as Celsius, is a unit of measure and scale for temperature. it was named after Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius, who came up with a similar temperature scale.

What is the opposite of the Fahrenheit scale?

The competing scale, not the opposite, is the Celsius or centigrade scale.

Who discover Celsius?

Celsius The Celsius scale of temperature was not discovered it was an invention or construction by the Swedish inventor Anders Celsius who invented a similar scale which was called centigrade. The scale degrees Celsius is named in his honour.

Most nations use what scale of temperature?

The Celsius scale, which was known as the centigrade scale.

What is the most common temperature scale in the world?

The Centigrade scale, a.k.a. the Celsius scale.

What is another name for Celsius scale?

The Celsius scale is also known as the Centigrade scale.

Does centigrade mean hot or cold?

Centigrade is a temperature scale. It's Celsius now.

What is centigrade and Celsius?

Centigrade earns the temperature scale is scaled from zero to one hundred. Celsius is the inventor of this scale. Accordingly, they are of the same meaning.

Who disovered the Celsius?

Celsius, also known as centigrade, is a scale and unit of measurement for temperature. It is named after the Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius (1701-1744), who developed a similar temperature scale.

Which temperat ure scale is used for scientific work?

The Centigrade or Celsius scale is the temperature scale typically used for scientific work. On the Centigrade scale water freezes at zero degrees and boils at 100 degrees.

What temperature scale is used in physical science?

The Kelvin scale, named for Lord Kelvin. Or the celsius scale.The official unit in science is the kelvin, but worldwide, the degree Celsius, also known as Centigrade, is also often used.

What are similarities between Kelvin and Fahrenheit?

They are ways to measure temperature. That's it. The Kelvin scale is actually much closer to the centigrade scale. Actually, it is the centigrade scale, just with an added constant.

Which thermometer scale equals the Celsius scale?

The Celsius scale, of course. Though it is also known as the centigrade scale.

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