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Translated it means "Old Smoky". A reference to the smoke caused by industrialisation.


Reek in Scots is smoke in this case. It can also mean smell. Auld Reekie means Old Smoky because of the smoke from the chimneys of the tenements and close packed houses. The Clean Air Act sorted that problem out.

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Q: Why is the city Edinburgh called Auld Reekie in Scottish English?
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Where is the Scottish Parliament located?

The Scottish Parliament meets in Edinburgh. The Scottish Parliament building is located at Holyrood, Edinburgh. Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland.

Is the castle Mons meg built on the volcano Auld reekie?

No.Edinburgh Castle is not called Mons Meg. Mons Meg is the name of a huge historic cannon at Edinburgh Castle.There is no old volcano in Edinburgh (there was igneous activity 350 million years ago, and there are several volcanic plugs), and Auld Reekie is a nickname for the city of Edinburgh itself.

Do Scotland have Parliament houses and what are they called?

Yes Scotland does and it is called the Scottish Parliament and is situated in Edinburgh

How did dunedin get its name?

Dunedin was named by early Scottish settlers. It was originally going to be called 'New Edinburgh' but instead was called 'Dunedin', the Celtic form of 'Edinburgh'.

What part of Scotland can be called the cradle of the Scottish nation?

The Lowlands of Scotland that includes cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow are termed as the cradle of the Scottish nation.

What was the name of old Edinburgh?

Answer: Edinburgh was called "Din Eidyn" (or Dunedin) which means "Fort of Edwin". The name Edinburgh means "Town of Edwin". The oldest part of the city (called Old Town) is centred on the hill upon which the castle was built. The city was nicknamed "Auld Reekie" (Old Smokey) due to the number of chimneys before clean air acts were introduced. It is sometimes called the "Athens of the North" due to its intellectual history.

What are people from Scotland called?

People in Edinburgh are referred to as Edinburghers.

Why is Edinbrugh called Edinbrugh?

the reason why Edinburgh was called Edinburgh was because the Edinburgh castle was first made before Edinburgh was called Edinburgh

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There is no such language as "Scottish".There is Scottish Gaelic, a Celtic language which would have math.The Scottish form of English is called 'Scots' which would have guid.

Who is the creater of Grand Theft Auto?

All the Grand Theft Auto games are created by a Scottish company called Rockstar North. They are based in Edinburgh.

Is lake English loch Scottish?

Yes. In Scotland, lakes are called lochs.

What does maunna mean in Scottish?

It means 'must not' in the dialect of English called 'Scots'.