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Why is the climate of japan and the Philippines different?


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Japan's climate is cold and expiriencing snow,while Philippines climate is hot that's why it is expiriencing long summer and drought

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The climate of Japan is not similar to the climate of the Philippines because Japan is much further north than the Philippines.

c0mpare the climate of japan and philippines are they similar or diffirent

No. They don't have the same climate. But during summers in Japan, the climate is similar to Philippines.

The climates of Japan and the Philippines are different because Japan is located in the temperate zone and the Philippines are in the tropical zone. Thus Japan has 4 seasons like the USA. Japan has snow in the winter as example and the Philippines have warm weather year round.

The climates of japan and philippines is different

because the Philippines is in the equator

because they are different location

It is because in japan the weather climate is different from India's weather climate.

The climate of the Philippines differs from the climate of Iowa because they are ni very different geographical situations. The Philippines is a group of islands in a tropical ocean. Iowa is an extent of land in a temperate region in the middle of the North American continent

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south has a humid subtropical climate and the korea and north japan have a humid continental climate.

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they have different climate and thier in a different time zone

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Japan is South-West of the Philippines.

No, Japan has a temperate climate, not desert.

No it is to the North of the Philippines.

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