Why is the desert endangered?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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Because of water loss and more buildings being built it means countries are increasing mayjorly so more of the dessart is being used and off the top of my head I once remember researching that in approximately 15years 1/4 of the dessert would have been scrapped and buildings would have been built over the top if it. If you have any other information please tell me. Ty ( thank you )

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Q: Why is the desert endangered?
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What endangered species live in deserts?

An endangered species that live in the desert is the Desert Tortoise. It lives in the Mojave Desert and the Sonoran Desert.

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They really are endangered.

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They are NOT.

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What is the greatest cause for desert tortoises becoming endangered?

The desert tortoise has the official status of 'threatened' but not endangered at this time (2014). If populations continue to decline, they could become endangered in the future, however.

Is the desert biome endangered?

No But some of the animals are

gobi desert?

This vast desert in Northern China is home to an endangered species of bear.

Are desert tortoises endangered?

Yes. But they are actually vulnerable, a conservation status almost as bad as endangered.

Is the desert cottontail rabbit endangered?

No, but people still hunt them.

What is the driest place in the eastern hemisphere where endangered species survive?

The desert

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is the desert horned viper endangered