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So that the past can once again be viewed by people of this day and age with the sound of human voices.

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What field of anthropology studies fossil remains to learn how human characteristics have developed

Which field of anthropology studies the language of a specific ethnic group in a culture

Which field of anthropology studies the relationships of people in groups

Choose the term that fits this definition taxes levied on the removal of natural resources

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Q: Why is the final report of an archaeological dig site an effort put forth by not just the archaeological team but also includes input from biologists botanists anthropologists climatologists etc?
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What is the name of the scients that study's plants?

Botanists, or plant biologists.

What kind of biologists study plants?

Botanists - as in Botanical Gardens.

What scientists help archeologists?

Anthropologists, botanists, meteorologists, agrnomists, and forensic scientists to name a few.

Types of Biologists?

There are many types of biologists. Some work with microorganisms while others study multicellular organisms. Some types of biologists are botanists, zoologist, geneticist, evolutionary biologists, paleontologist, and Ichnologist.

What has the author Julie Marcus written?

Julie Marcus has written: 'Ottoman women' -- subject(s): History, Muslim women, Women 'The indomitable Miss Pink' -- subject(s): Biography, Women anthropologists, botanists, anthropologists, Aboriginal rights

What is the name of a scientist that studies animal and life?

Biologists study life; they can be considered to be of two kinds: zoologists study animals, and botanists study plants.

What is a biological field?

A biological field is for biologists, they use nature as a laboratory and combine the principles of biology, the physical sciences and mathematics to study the diversity and interactions of plants, animals and microorganisms in their natural environments. Thus, field biologists include ecologists, zoologists, botanists, population biologists, taxonomists, physiologists, wildlife and fisheries biologists, microbiologists and others.

Use biology in their work?

Many careers use biology in their work. Aquatic biologists, marine biologists, limnologist, biochemists, botanists, mycologists, physiologists, biophysicists, computational biologists zoologists, herpetologists, cnidariologists, entomologists, ecologists, vets, doctors, and even dentist all use biology in their field.

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They are called botanists, zoologists, biologists, and hobbyists. But technically humans are animals too and everyone "studies" humans in some sense.

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There are many careers that involve using carbon-14. Some of them are landscape management, gardeners, botanists, horticulturists, agriculturists, and marine biologists.

Which kind of biologist studies cactus plants and African violets?

Botanists and Horticulturists are biologists who study cactus plants [Cactaceae family] and African violets [Saintpaulia spp].

Why do Botanists study plants?

If they did not, they would not be botanists.

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