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so if the baby starts to drown it can be saved a lot faster

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Q: Why is the font at the back of the church?
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Where in church is the font?

In a church the font is on the altar. The font is where babies are baptized.

Why is the font always at the back of a church?

In most churches that have fonts, they are at the front.

Why is the font at the back of Canterbury Cathedral?

In just about all older churches the font has always been at the back of the church, close to the main entrance. There nothing unusual about the position of the font in Cantebury Cathedral.

Why are fonts at the back of any church?

The fonts hold Holy Water so that congregants can bless and exorcise themselves as they enter church for Mass. Some Catholic Churches may also have their baptismal font in the back of the church. However, most churches today have the font in the front of the church.

What is a font in a church?

a font in a church is a basin or something that they use to hold the holy water in when someone is about to get baptised or christened.

Why are some fonts at the back of the church?

The person to be baptized is greeted at the back of the church and welcomed before processing into the church. Often the font is placed there and is symbolic. After baptism the newly baptized is a member of the church and processes to the front once again to complete the service.

Why is the font always at the front of a church?

This is so that one may bless oneself with holy water, removing venial sin from ones soul, and preparing one to enter into the Holy presence of God. The font is at the back of the Church- the Alter is at the front. If the church is oriented (that is, the sanctuary is in the eastern end and the entrance in the west) the font is usually found in the west.

What is a baptismal font?

A baptismal font is a church article for the baptism of children and adults.

What does a font represent in a church?

The welcoming into the church, it is used for infant baptisms.

What is a church Font?

A stone basin for the baptism of new members of the church, often babies. The Font is often placed in the centre of the church so that the new member has to enter the church fully to get to the font. In years gone by it was placed at the entrance to the church to symbolise that being baptised is the entrance to the Christian faith.

What is a religious font used for?

A font is the piece of church furniture which holds the water for Baptism.

Where do they baptise someone in the church?

At a baptismal font.

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