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Why is the game Sly 4 not out yet?

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the reason for sly 4 not coming out yet is because sucker punch hasnt started but they gave the series over to another company and they are trying to make it the release date is still uknown but we do know that it will come out in 2012

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Is there a sly 4 yet?

In the newly released game "The Sly Collection" The game (Sly 4) was somewhat teased.

What happened to sly in sly 4?

No one knows, as a sly 4 hasn't come out yet.

Is there going to be a Sly 5 game?

There is no details as to whether there will be a Sly 5 game yet.

Does it exist a trailer for sly 4?

Not yet, but when Sucker punch has started making Sly 4 (They haven't yet) They possibly make a trailer of it.

Where can you find a copy of sly 4 king of thieves?

Sly 4 is called Power of thieves not King of thieves. Sly 4 is not out yet. It will come out in late 2010.

Sly cooper 4?

No information yet, they're not making the game before spring 2009 when inFamous will be released.

Is there a sly cooper 4 video game?

no, not yet i mene maybe as your reading this there creating it maybe but i hop comes out

What is the next sly cooper game?

It is called Sly 4 Thieves in Time , Sly 4 Thieves in Time , or Sly Cooper Thieves in Time.

When does sly 5 come out?

There's no information on it, because Sly 4 hasn't came out yet.

Where can you buy Sly Cooper 4?

Sly Cooper 4 isn't for sale yet. They just released the E3 Trailer.

What happens in Sly 4 thieves strike back?

Game doesn't exist and sly 4 wll be called sly 4 thieves in time

What is the name of Sly 4?

First the game doesn't exist (yet), second the truth is that it is NOT going to be "Cane of Destiny" or "King of Thieves" that is all I know about this... Yes there is it is going to be called sly 4: thieves in time

Can you bye sly 4?

not yet wait till June

Is there going to be a fourth Sly game?

No kidding. Just type in sly 4 in google

Is Sly Cooper and Thievious Racoonus a 2p game?

No so far only sly 3 is. Sly 4 may be

What jobs take pictures in sly 4?

It hasn't come out yet

Is there a new Sly Cooper game coming soon?

Yes sly 4 will be coming out soon

Will there be a sly 5 game?


Is there going to be a sly 4 the game?

likely at best, game informer was showing games and their likelyhood of return, and they said likiely at best for another sly. personally i love sly games, my cat is named sly

Is there going to be a sly Cooper 4?

Yes, Sly Cooper will be coming out fall 2011. A guy from Sucker Punch said "Sly Cooper 4 will be the best game of its series. The main character of this game will be Bentley and Murray and Sly. They will travel in time seeking his ancestor's."

When will sly 4 the video game come out?

in 08

What game systems will Sly 4 be on?

ps3 only.

Is a sly 4 game really coming out?


Does sly 4 come in PS2?

No there is not even a game with that title, but any new Sly games are not for the PS2

Is ther a sly Cooper 4?

Not yet but they might make one soon.

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