Why is the garden important to amir?

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In seedfolks what is Amir's involvement in the garden?

Amir plants eggplants and he is Indian

What does the character Amir gain from participating in the garden from the book seedfolks?

He gains friends and feels welcome and gets friends from the garden.

In The Kite Runner why was hassans first word important?

Hassan first word was Amir. This show how much Hassan loved Amir even though he betrayed him.

What nicknames does Amir Badri go by?

Amir Badri goes by Amir.

What nicknames does Amir Madani go by?

Amir Madani goes by Amir Madani.

What nicknames does Diana Amir go by?

Diana Amir goes by Diana Amir.

What nicknames does Amir Hesam go by?

Amir Hesam goes by Amir Hesam.

What contrast is made between amir and hassan?

Amir is selfish and Hassan is humble and loyal to Amir. Hassan is a Hazara, Amir is a pashtun. Amir is granted to right to get an education, Hassan is not.

What is the birth name of Amir Madani?

Amir Madani's birth name is Amir Madaninejad.

What is the birth name of Amir Derakh?

Amir Derakh's birth name is Amir Davidson.

What is the birth name of Amir Jardan?

Amir Jardan's birth name is Amir Farjadpour.

What must you do before planting a garden?

what are the six important questions to answer before planting in the garden

When was Amir Yakoub al-Amir Mahmoud born?

Amir Yakoub al-Amir Mahmoud was born on 1971-05-09.

Why was the kite flying tournament so important to amir?

Because he wanted to make his father proud.

Why are garden tools important to farmers?

Garden tools are important to not only farmers but also to the average citizen because they save time and effort

How is the name Amir written in Arabic?


What is the birth name of Amir Mokri?

Amir Mokri's birth name is Amir M. Mokri.

What is the birth name of Amir Naoum?

Amir Naoum's birth name is Amir Naoum Chehade.

What is the birth name of Amir Blumenfeld?

Amir Blumenfeld's birth name is Amir Shmuel Blumenfeld.

What is the birth name of Amir Karakulov?

Amir Karakulov's birth name is Karakulov, Amir Bulatovich.

What nicknames does Amir Blumenfeld go by?

Amir Blumenfeld goes by Andy Bloom, and Amir Valerie Blumenfeld.

What is the birth name of Amir Hedayah?

Amir Hedayah's birth name is Amir Samy Farid Hedayah.

What is the birth name of Amir Jacob Malin?

Amir Jacob Malin's birth name is Amir Jacob Maliniak.

What does Amir mean in Hebrew?

The Hebrew name Amir means "treetop". The Arabic name Amir means "prince".

How do worms help a garden?

they bring important nutrients to the surface and helpwith drainage, and they loosen the soil from the garden.