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I'm not sure - but I believe there used to be a company called Kalamazoo that made filing systems. Certainly in Australia in the early to mid 1960s, filing equiment where I worked was called by the name "Kalamazoo", and I remember being told (rightly or wrongly) this was the name of the company that produced said filing equipment.

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German company called Kalamazoo produced great paper based and system based filling systems and in the 1800's held the patent for the Lever Arch ring binder concept ... we used their filling systems in the navy in the 70's and 80's ... fantastic and worked extremely well

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When Kalamazoo was established in 1896 it was renowned for its paper-based solutions and today this is still a key area of the business.

Kalamazoo binders are tough and hard wearing contributors to the smooth running of any business. A key benefit is that of document security.

The ‘N’ and ‘Z’ binders offer maximum security with a unique lockable fitting. Once locked, sheets cannot be removed without tearing; therefore making it very obvious that tampering has taken place.

Binder covers can be personalised to show your logo and company name. Spines can be engraved to identify purpose and tabbed indexes can be inserted.

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Q: Why is the kalamazoo filing system called that?
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