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Because of the Gulf of Mexico it has one of the most busiest ports.

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Why was the geographic location of new Orleans important?

it was a key location for Louisiana ans for the Confederacy.

What is the location of Louisiana?

The location of louisiana is east of Texas, south of Arkansas, south of Mississpi

What is the Louisiana purchase so important for?

it expanded the US

Why is 1803 so important in US history?

the Louisiana purchase

How do you spell fushun Louisiana?

The important oil industry location is Port Fouchon on the SE Louisiana coast, at the SW (lower) end of the barrier islands that include Grand Isle.

Where was the location of Super Bowl XV?

Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana

Where is Louisiana location on the map?

Louisiana is locate under Arkansas and on the right of Texas.

Are yams important in Louisiana?

Yeah They Are! Girls And Boys Yams Are Important In Louisiana!

What was one thing Thomas Jefferson did that was so important?

The Louisiana Purchase of 1803

What is the location of the state in relation to Louisiana?


Why is it so important to know the location of a file or folder?

So you don't lose it....

What is in important fact about Louisiana?

the capital of Louisiana is baton rouge.

Why was the location of new Orleans an important factor that led to The Louisiana Purchase?

New Orleans is located at the mouth of the Mississippi River, a major transportation route.

Why is location important to a factory?

A factory needs to be able to export goods so its important for them to choose a location near transportation systems. For example, a motorway.

Why was exploring the Louisiana territory so important for the US?

Exploring the Louisiana territory was important for the us because they had to know what was in the territory that president Thomas Jefferson had purchased. They hadto know who was living there and what kind of resources they had

What is the Louisiana relative location to other states?


Where is the absolute location of Gonzales Louisiana?

The absolute location of Gonzales Louisiana is 30 degrees north and 90 degrees west. There are 8,156 people in the city. It is somewhat small.

Why is location important to geography?

Well, geography is basically the study of the locations of countries and topographical features, so location is everything.Location is geography

Why was Ancient Ghana's location important?

so others will not start war there

Why was Philadelphia's location so important for trade in the middle colonies?

it was on a river

Why was the location of Georgia so important?

It was important to the Elish to protect it from possible spanish attacks.It served as a buffer.

Why is absolute and relative location important?

Absolute Location and Relative Location is important it is because it telling you EXACTLY the location it is at.

Why was the roman location so important?

it was so important because it was close to a water source but also in the mountains so it was easy to protect it was also important because so many roman citizens lived there

Why is the location of wedding halls important in Houston Texas?

Yes, of course, the location of the wedding halls are important to have a perfect wedding. The location must be easily reachable to the guest so that guest doesn't have to face any problem to find the location and have fun in the reception at the perfect location.

Why is the movement of crustal plates so important to the location of volcanoes?

because it is because it is

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