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Q: Why is the national government responsible for national defense?
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What level of government is national defense?

National defense is the job of the federal government.

Who is the Minister of Defense for Bosnia and Herzegovina's National Government?

Zekerijah Osmic is the Minister of Defense for Bosnia and Herzegovina's National Government.

What does the Defense of the National Government provide?


What percent of the national system of interstate and defense highways does the federal government fund?

The Federal Government funded 90% of the National System of Interstate Defense Highways.

Which entity within the federal government is responsible for managing the military?

The department of defense

Which of these is an example of an inherent power given to the national government?

ability for the national government to provide for the defense of the country

Who is responsible for declare war?

Usually, the government of the country is responsible for declaring war. In the United States of America, the Department of Defense is responsible for declaring wars.

Which of these services is provided by the national government?

Military Defense

What level of government is responsible for maintaining armed forces?

The Department of Defense, which is charged with national defense (and some would say the Department of Homeland Security as well) is part of the Executive branch, answering directly to the President of the USA.

Who provides for the national defense?

federal government.

What is The largest portion of the federal government budget is spent on?

The largest portion of the federal government's budget is spent on national defense. The defense of the nation is very important because it is what spurs national growth.

What is the Canadian government responsible for?

national defenseforeign policycitizenship