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It means, that you have to refill oil and cooling water.


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A yellow flashing engine light is an indication that the engine should be checked. The yellow flashing light can because by low water level or low motor oil.

A flashing oil light can be warning you of an oil pressure problem. The quantity of oil can be fine but the oil pressure may be low due to other problems.

Tip: The oil light flashing indicates that the pressureof the oil is low, the light does not necessarily indicates when the oil level is low. The problem could be a bad oil pump or a leak in the filter.

It probably needs to be reset after the oil change. New vehicles use the oil light to let you know you need to change the oil, but they need to be reset at the time of the change.

Your low on oil or Oil is covering the sensor on the tank.

check your oil pressure.... that's what that light is for. if oil pressure checks out the replace sensor

Check the oil level, no oil is bad. If oil is in engine Get the car towed to a shop. The oil pump has probably failed. Easy job on that car, $90 for the pump and about 2 hours. If you are mechanically inclined do it yourself, buy the Haynes manual for the unit.

No, stop driving this vehicle immediately. Check the oil level and add if it is low. If it is not low seek professional help to determine why the oil light is flashing. Your oil pump may be failing.

'i have the same car. check the oil you probably need some or you need to get your oil changed. maybe take it for a check up! hope this helps! my kia is always giving me problems!'

When the SNOW and SPORT indicators are flashing, it's the OIL WEAR sensor, telling you the oil needs changing. This sensor looks at the distance travelled and temperature of the oil. Get the oil and transmission fluid changed ASAP!

The amount of oil is not all that matters. You could have a faulty sensor or a dieing oil pump. If I were you I would avid driving the car and take it to a mechanic ASASp

Yes. It could be the oil pressure sending unit. It is the plastic unit near the front of the car near the oil filter. It is a greenish color on my 99 stratus. i had mine looked at and that is what they said would cause the light to flicker.

Warning for Change oil schedule or Low oil pressure. Check also the Oil sensor malfunction.

Your car will not overheat because you still got water in it. You might want to check your oil. The light indicate that the car is either low or out of lubricating oil, please do not run your car yet, check and add oil first.

The oil indicator light on cars is designed to show when there are oil problems or when the oil tank needs to be refilled or serviced in some way. It could be a sensor issue, so you would do best to consult your local mechanic.

Drive it to the mechanic. You have something wrong and that is what the car is telling you. Oil, water, something is not right.

It's not a teapot, it's an oil can. get some oil!

The oil change garage or Mercedes dealer has to reset the oil change light. The oil change light goes by the mileage on the car, tripping the light on at the factory recommended oil change intervals. The computer doesn't know you changed the oil in the car unless you tell it. Read your car owners manual.

The car actually measures the viscosity of the oil while you are driving and running the car when you change the oil the light will be reset.

It may be a bad sensor or just needs an oil change. If you have done this and it's still flashing, unhook the cables from the battery to reset it. Hopefully this will fix it.

The red oil light means you car is low on oil, or there is a problem and should be checked.

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