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because of where the sun rays are. The sun is overhead therefore we get a direct hit of the sun and its warmth. However in the morning it comes in at an angle.

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What does outdoor temperature mean?

The temperature measured when you are outside.

What is the pool temperature if the outdoor temperature is 76?


What is the normal temperature for a normal child?

98.6F orally is the classic answer. Temperature varies throughout the day, lower in the morning and higher in the late afternoon. Temperatures over 100.4F are considered fevers.

How you can maintain your body temperature in the desert?

Where proper clothing including a hat, avoid the direct sun if possible and drink plenty of water. Try to schedule outdoor activities for the early morning or late afternoon or evening.

How do outdoor thermometers work?

Outdoor thermometers are filled with mercury that changes its volume relative to the temperature. The mercury will move up and down as the temperature changes.

What instrument measures temperature outside?

A thermometer measures temperature, indoor or outdoor.

Can one object be hotter be hotter than another if they have the same temperature?

No. Hotter means higher temperature.No. Hotter means higher temperature.No. Hotter means higher temperature.No. Hotter means higher temperature.

How does the spring in back of an outdoor thermometer regulate the dial?

The temperature of the air causes the spring in an outdoor thermometer to retract or contract. This motion displays the temperature on the dial.

What is the solubility of sugar in water at higher temperature?

The solubility of sugar in water at higher temperature is higher. The higher the temperature the easier sugar is dissolved.

What is the TD for an outdoor design temperature of 20F and an indoor design temperature of 75F?


What do you think is a comfortable outdoor temperature?

18 degrees

What temperature should an outdoor pool be heated when the outdoor temperature is ranging from 62 evening and 85 degrees daytime?

I am a national lifeguard, working at an outdoor pool. Temperature should be between 74 ~ 80. If it's over 80 degree, there is possibly a great chance of bacteria growing.

Temperature of chengdu sichuan in summer c hina?

The average daytime high in July and August is 29°C, with afternoon highs sometimes reaching 33°C or higher.

How pressure and temperature are related?

the higher the temperature the higher the pressure

Why is it that the higher the temperature the higher the sound?

Sound and temperature are not connected.

How do you know if your Honda 2006 crv has indoor outdoor temperature gage in dash?

Yes, it has an outdoor temp display.

How does temperature affect the solubility of gases?

Temperature definitely does have a huge affect on the solubility of gasses. The higher the temperature the higher the solubility.

Is there a maximum temperature for an outdoor condo swimming pool?

The optimum temperature for an outdoor recreational pool is 84 degrees. Sometimes in the hottest months of summer I have seen our outdoor pool reach as high as 88 degrees! Still refreshing tho!

What is a safe temperature for an outdoor pool in southern florida?

A safe, comfort temperature for an outdoor pool in southern Florida would be about 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Most outdoor pools in Florida are not heated, and there is usually no problem in swimming in cooler water.

The morning temperature was 45 f the temperature rose 13 by afternoon and then dropped 15 by 8 pm What was the temperature then?

42 degrees.

What is the freezing temperature for outdoor plants?

Zero degrees C

Who performed afternoon plays in Elizabeth England?

Actors, possibly from traveling companies. All plays in outdoor theaters were performed in the afternoon, because it was too darn expensive to have candles and torches to light the stage.

Why does my sky scan atomic clock have ofl in outdoor temp?

Problem:"OF.L" appears in the outdoor temperature section of the LCD.Solution:1) Wait until the current surrounding temperature cools down or increases. Current temperature is outside of the measuring range of the transmitter or has temporarity affected battery strength. The outdoor temperature will be displayed again once the current surrounding temperature is within the range of the transmitter.

How does solubility change the temperature?

the higher the temperature the higher the solubility and vice-versa.

How does temperature affect the rate of evaporation?

The higher the temperature, the higher the rate of evaporation. It is

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