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Why is the ozone layer is dangerous to humans?


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Ozone layer is not dangerous. The absence of ozone layer is dangerous.


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It's cold enough to kill us after a while. The ozone layer, which is high above the Earth's surface, is not dangerous to humans. In fact, it helps protect us from the more harmful effects of the Sun. The Earth would be much more dangerous for humans in the absence of the ozone layer.

Ozone layer is the layer of ozone. Humans are altering it by CFC's.

Humans have large impact on ozone. They deplete and destroy the ozone in ozone layer.

No dangerous rays harm the ozone layer. CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) harm the ozone layer. The ozone layer actually protects us and theearth from dangerous ultraviolet radiation.

Humans impact the ozone layer by depleting it. Humans release ozone depleting substances which react with ozone to deplete.

Ozone layer doesn't damage humans. It saves them.

There are no advantages in depleting the ozone layer. The ozone layer protects the earth, humans, animals and vegetation, including rice crops, from dangerous and damaging ultra-violet radiation.

Humans are threatening the ozone layer by using CFC's. they react with ozone and deplete it.

There is no concern. We want the ozone layer thicker than at present. The ozone layer blocks dangerous ultraviolet radiation the causes skin cancers in humans and damages crops. Scientists hope the ozone layer will be completely restored by 2050.

Depletion of ozone layer is a dangerous phenomenon. It may lead to dangerous outcomes.

Holes in ozone layer is the thinning of ozone layer. It is because of use of ODS by humans.

Humans are threatening the ozone layer. They are doing so by releasing CFC's.

Ozone layer is a layer of ozone molecules. It is destroyed by man made CFC's.

The hole in ozone layer is the thinning of layer of ozone. It is because of the CFC's released by humans.

The CFC's by humans damage the ozone layer. They react with ozone to deplete it.

Humans have a huge role to damage the ozone layer. The use of man made CFCs is the largest. These chemicals react with ozone present in the ozone layer and deplete it.

Depletion of ozone layer is dangerous. It is because it allows UV rays to enter the earth.

Humans are causing the hole in ozone layer by using CFCs. These CFC are the factors responsible for depletion of ozone.

The stratosphere contains a special gas called ozone ,which is found in a layers called ozone layer.This layer blocks out most of the dangerous rays from our sun .These dangerous rays cause sunburn, which can lead to skin cancer

The ozone layer protects Earth's surface from very energetic rays from the Sun. Without the ozone layer, it would like living in running microwave over. Fortunately, the energetic rays from the Sun also help build up the ozone layer.

Humans are affected by the ozone layer. If there was no ozone, there would be no human life.

CFC's are man made chemicals. They destroy the ozone layer.

The ozone layer is disapperaing due to the use of CFc's by humans.

The ozone layer is depleting. It is because of the use of CFC's by humans.

No. Burned coffee grounds might be dangerous to the ozone layer. And since they are good fertilizer, don't burn them.

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