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Why is the pope an important man?

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He, (the Pope) ,is the head of the Catholic church.The position of Pope is the highest achievement with Catholicism.

He important because, he is the first non-italian to occupy the throne of st.peters

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Can any man be pope?

Any Catholic man may be elected Pope.

To which sect is the pope important?

The pope is important to all Catholic sects that are in union with the Vatican.

Is Pope Benedict XIV elected by man or by God?

The pope is elected by man through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

What do protestants think of the pope?

He seems a nice enough man, but a nice man is all he is. Protestants have no faith in the Pope.

Who was the most important pope in history?

Undoubtedly, Saint Peter, the first pope, was the most important in the history of the Church.

Why is Pope Adrian IV important?

He was the first and only pope from England.

How important is the pope in the Catholic world?

The Pope is the head of the Catholic Church

Is there a age limit to be pope?

There is no minimum or maximum age for a man to serve as pope.

How did the Pope get Michelangelo to finish the ceiling after his illness?

The Pope was a very powerful man.

Why is the pope in Alexandria considered more important than the pope in Rome?

The pope in Alexandria is only considered more important than the pope in Rome by members of the Orthodox Church, particularly the Coptic Orthodox Church.

Why was the pope an important christian leader?

It was believed that only the Pope had authority to interpret scripture.

Why is the pope called the Bishop of Rome?

Any man chosen as pope is automatically the Bishop of Rome.

Who is the eighth pope?

St. Telephorus is recognized as the eighth man to serve as pope of the Roman Catholic Church. He was pope from 125AD to 136AD when he was martyred.

Who is higher a bishop or a pope?

A pope is more important because a bishop is the catholic leader of the diocese, but the pope is the catholic leader of the world.

Why is the pope important to Christians?

The Pope is usually only important to catholic Christians. He is the leader of the catholic church, and according to a catholic, inspired by God.

Who was a famous man who lived in Vatican City?

Any Pope, like Pope John Paul II.

Why has no pope taken the name Peter?

There is no rule that prohibits a pope from taking the name of Peter. However, out of respect for the first pope, no man has used that name.

Which important person lives in the Vatican?

The pope

Is the pope more important than the president of the US?

To Catholics, at least, the pope is much more important than any president, monarch, or dictator.

Was the Sistine Chapel important back when it was built?

Very important - built for the pope.

What are the release dates for Nick Pope The Man Who Left the MOD - 2006?

Nick Pope The Man Who Left the MOD - 2006 was released on: USA: 4 March 2006

Has there ever been a legitimate female pope?

There has never been any female pope. There is a myth about a Pope Joan, who disguised herself as a man, but was exposed when she got pregnant.

What sect of Christianity is the pope most important to?


Who was the most important leader of the Byzantine Clergy?


Who is the most important person in the Vatican City?

The Pope.