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A President is called a President because the basic word "president" means the head of state of Republic, head of a company of government office.

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Q: Why is the president called the president?
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What is the president called before he is sworn in?

He is called the "President-elect."

What is the new president called until the inauguration?

The New president that gets electaed is called President Elect until they take office which is Jan. 20th. The President that was in office before the new president is called the Formor President. 20th am

What is vice president called if president is unconscious?

Well, if he knocked the president unconscious, then he's called a "criminal".

What is the president called from the day elected to the day inaugurated?

An elected President, not yet inaugurated, is called the President-elect.

Which president was called His Accidency?

John Tyler was called this because he became President by accident when the elected President died.

Who is called the president's men?

The president's staff.

What is the President of the Senate called?

The Vice President

What did John Adams think the President should be called?

He wanted the President to be called, "His Highness the President of the United States and Protector of the Rights of the Same." But Washington wanted to be called Mr. President.

The President and Vice-President are elected by the ballots cast by citizens called what?

The President & Vice-President are elected by the ballots cast by citizens called electors.

Who is the president of Indonesian?

Right now the president is called SBY,Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the first president is called Sukarno.

The president is called the President-Elect until what?

Until he/she is sworn in as the President.

What is president called before inauguration?

President Elect