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Quite simply they aren't, it was just built for a differant purpose European swords are forged to be strong and sturdy, to cause blunt trauma and to stab and pierce heavy armour.

The Japanese forged their swords to cut and slash, which would be useless against a 13th century and beyond knight.

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Q: Why is the samurai swords better than the eupurian swords?
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How much do Samurai swords cost?

more than you will ever make in your life!

Can a sword sharper and stronger than a samurai sword be made?

Absolutely. There is much hype around samurai swords..don't fall for it.

What is the difference between a ninja and samurai?

The ninja is a spy and assassin and works through stealth, misdirection and blending into the surroundings. They killed with poison and other weapons. The samurai is a warrior who's primary weapon is the sword. They lived by the Code of Bushido and were honorable in their means and methods. They would kill themselves if they brought dishonor to their master, themselves or their family. If a ninja could overcome a samurai he would take his sword, simply because they are better. So ninja swords are better than samurai swords.

Do people in japan still use samurai swords like the Yakuza?

As a sport, not for means of defense. The yakuza uses guns more than swords, but occasionaly there are reports of murders using katanas (samurai sword) hope this helps

What did the samurai warriors fight with?

Samurai's are known for their work with swords. There are three general ways of describing swords a short sword (less than 12 inches long) is called a Tanto, and Wakisashi is 12 to 24 inches long and a Katana is longer than 24 inches. Most samurai carried a Katana and a Wakisashi with them. Some samurai also used bow and arrows. Longbowed samurais were very useful.

Is jayden better than Antonio in power rangers samurai?

Antonio is better than jayden

Which one is better guns or swords?

Guns are better than swords. Swords are USELESS. They aren't use anymore because we have guns which are better and more advanced weapon. Swords have been in the time of gladiators, vikings, and ninjas. Today, we use guns and NOT swords because guns are a more effective and lethal weapon.Swords are USELESS. They suck and will LOSE against a Gun. Guns are BETTER. And whoever say Swords are Better, They Suck Balls.

Why is the samurai better off road than the sidekick?

the samurai has a solid axle which allows for more droop vs the sidekick with IFS

Is gravite longsword better than gravite 2h sword?

simple answer: NO, 2h swords are always better than longswords Good Luck with it ! :P

Why was it a dream for young boys to become a Samurai?

It was a honor to be a great samurai. It's also a better life than being a farmer except if you like farming as a job. But being a samurai is not easy either.

Do swords run out of ammo?

No, swords are weapons that don't run out of ammo like guns. Guns run out of ammo, not swords. Swords have infinite ammo. Their infinite ammo is their blade, not bullets. Guns run out of ammo and have to be reloaded. Some how, swords are better than guns because swords can deflect bullets. Guns uses bullets and swords uses blades.

What are skills and training you need to become a samurai warrior?

I don't really know but you might have to read the passage you have on your paper.