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Why is the series resonant circuit called an acceptor circuit?

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2008-11-04 18:08:41

Because the series resonant circuit has the lowest possible

impedance at resonance frequency, thus allowing the AC current to

circulate through it. At resonance frequency, XC=XL and XL-XC = 0.

Therefore, the only electrical characteristic left in the circuit

to oppose current is the internal resistance of the two components.

Hence, at resonance frequency, Z = R. Note: This effect is probably

better seen with vectors. Clarification: Resonant circuits come in

two flavors, series and parallel. Series resonant circuits do have

an impedance equal to zero at the resonant frequency. This

characteristic makes series resonant circuits especially well

suited to be used as basic pass-band filters (acceptors). However,

parallel circuits present their maximum impedance at the resonant

frequency, which makes them ideal for tuning purposes.

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