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for all intents and purposes, the sun is the only solar energy there is.


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The Sun is the main and most important energy source.

An energy source is something that gives off energy. Such as sun, wind, water, coal. Sun is important in producing solar energy, wind is important for wind energy, Water for hydroelectric power And coal for thermal power.

Humans get energy from sunlight.

It Is Important Because It Gives Off Energy

It was important when the Sun was forming a shrinking interstellar cloud of gas.

sun is the energy source . We know that the primary produsers are plants, the source of photosynthesis is sun . Photosynthesis is giving food and energy to do all activities. Because sun is very very important to our planet earth.

Mainly, it is important for us, as our main energy source.

producers make energy from the sun and then consumers eat the producers, ex: a plant (producer) uses photosynthesis and the sun to make energy then a bunny (consumer) eats the plant for energy. so the sun is the source of energy

It provides the energy required by the plants.

The sun is the energy that power the water cycle without the sun the water cycle is not possible so the sun is the source of energy and is the most important part of the water cycle

radiant energy is important to us because the sun is emittating radiation to the earth, through space

The energy from the Sun, solar energy drives all the process important to life on Earth.

Light from the sun provides a constant source of energy. Plants collect that energy and convert it into chemical energy. Animals eat the plants and use the chemical energy for metabolism.

The energy we receive from the Sun.The energy we receive from the Sun.The energy we receive from the Sun.The energy we receive from the Sun.

Sunlight is important because if there was no sun, then the Earth would DIE due to lack of energy.

it is because the energy from the sun feeds the plants, but of course they do need water so...

The energy from the Sun and the properties of the air atmosphere.

On our planet, water, and most important is the energy from the sun.

The Sun is important because it gives light to Earth and keeps living things warm. The Sun also provides the energy needed for plants to produce food. Without the Sun, there would be no life on Earth.

plants- need sunlight for energy during photosynthesis to produce their own food animals- need energy and vitamin d from the sun

Because the sun gives of heat which keeps our muscles warm, which lets us use energy to do stuff. and all the other necesities..

MOST of the energy comes from the Sun.MOST of the energy comes from the Sun.MOST of the energy comes from the Sun.MOST of the energy comes from the Sun.

Energy from the sun is called solar energy.

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