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Gravity is a force that is produced by mass. Most of the mass of the solar system is in the sun; it is tremendously larger than any planet, or than all the planets put together. Therefore, it is has the most powerful gravitational field.

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Q: Why is the suns gravity the most powerful of all the bodies in your solar system?
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What force keeps all bodies orbiting in the solar system?

gravity . . . .

How is the solar system connected?

The various bodies in our Solar System are loosely connected by the force of gravity, with the Sun at its center.

What does gravity cause bodies in your solar system to do?

Gravity causes objects, like planets, to orbit the Sun.

Where is the value of gravity greater than 9.8?

In the Solar System, that would be on Jupiter, on Neptune, or on the Sun. Outside the Solar System there are many other bodies with a greater surface gravity.

Why does the solar system have a star in the middle of it?

because the sun's gravity pulls bodies of rock toward it

Which object in the solar system has the most powerful force of gravity?

The Sun. And nothing else for that matter.

Why does the sun have the most powerful force of gravity compared to all other objects in the solar system?

Because the sun has more mass than anything else in our solar system. Gravity is a function of mass.

The force of attraction between heavenly bodies?

The force of attraction between heavenly bodies is called gravity. Usually, the solar system has the planets all kept in orbit by the gravity of the sun.

What would happen if the solar system had no gravity?

If there were no gravity, the solar system would not exist.

What is the movement of the bodies in the solar system?

The movement of the bodies in the solar system are called Orbits.

Which force is responsible for the accretion of matter into larger bodies in the solar system?

Gravity, as it is the force which attracts the matter together.

If the solar system did not have gravity what would happen?

If the solar system did not have gravity then it would have never formed.

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