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"The John" for Sir John HarringtonThe flushing toilet was invented in 1596, not by Thomas Crapper as most people think, but by Sir John Harington. Harington, a British nobleman and godson of Queen Elizabeth I, invented a valve that when pulled would release water from a water closet. Sir John recommended flushing the toilet once or twice a day, although with our modern technology, we know that is probably not sufficient. (Rumor has it that, in Robin Hood's day, King Richard the Lionheart - angry with how his brother, Prince John, ruled the country while the King was gone, named fair toilette, 'the john' - AKA as 'the Jon' to you folks.) Answer Inventor of first flush toilet.Sir John Harrington invented the first flush toilet in the late 1500's. I have even heard that he installed it for Queen Elizabeth 1st, and she affectionately referred to it as her "John", but have no idea if that is true. I believe he actually installed the first toilet in his own mansion.
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Q: Why is the term john used for toilet?
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Why is a bathroom called the john?

Because the person who invented the toilet were named John Harrington.The inventor of the flushable toilet was named Sir John Harrington. Hence the term "john."

Does the british call toilet bogs?

'Bog' is a slang term sometimes used in Britain for a toilet.

What is a biffy?

A biffy is a term used in the United States for a toilet or an outhouse.

Who invented the flushing toilet?

John Harrington, 1596 England.Inside toilets were around for a long time beginning in 2500 BC; they just didn't have a flushing breast mechanism.Sir John Harrington did invent and build the first flushing breast toilet around 1585. He installed one inside the palace of Queen Elizabeth I.In 1775, sixty years before THOMAS Crapper was born, Alexander Cummings received a patent for a flushing toilet based on improvements he made to Sir Harrington's design.Finally, THOMAS Crapper, born 1836, was a plumber and received nine patents for plumbing designs, but none for inventing the flushing toilet. He did receive 3 patents for improving the design of the flushing toilet.

What is the sailing term for toilet?

"The head".

Who invented the first toilet?

John Crapper invented the first toilet.

What is communal toilet?

An old (but still used elsewhere) term for public rest room, washroom, bathroom.

Why is a toilet called a water closet?

The term "water-closet" was an early term for a room with a toilet

Who was John harintgton?

the inventor of the toilet

Did Elton John die in a toilet?

No, he did not.

When was the toilet invented and by whom?

The toilet was invented by Sir John Harington in 1590.

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