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Q: Why is the title phrase the most beatiful place in the word important to the story?
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MISORE is that the beautiful place where you went?

As a visitor to there i will say that is but i know there is a more and most beautiful places.I only want to see the places , beatiful, most beatiful, the best places and i want to gain adventure , i hope you will also visit the places.If you have visit there tell the adventure that you gain in there as a story.

What is the moral of the story snow white?

god always helps those who have a beautiful soul NOT the beatiful face.

Why is a setting important?

because it is where the story takes place so you want to know where the things in the story are happening

What does important quote mean?

An important quote is an important line, phrase, or sentence. Often the words "important quote" are used when talking about a book. An important quote is important to the whole story and might have a moral message in it

Can you define setting and tell why it is important in a story?

the setting is where and when a story takes place ... its important because it makes it easier to understand maybe the dialogue or certain words if you know what time frame and where in the world it takes place

What important event took place in Number the Stars?

e story tats importantnothin is imoprtant about this book it is the whole story

What is setting in short story?

Setting in a short story refers to the time and place in which the events take place. It helps establish the mood, atmosphere, and context for the story, providing important background information for the reader to understand the characters and their actions.

Why is the time frame important in a story?

Time frame is important to the story because it gives the reader an understanding of how quickly events are taking place and what things are happening at the same time. This creates a clear setting in the mind of the reader, so they can better imagine how the story is taking place.

Is kaikan phrase a true story?


Which phrase best defines exposition?

Exposition is the portion of a story that provides background information, setting details, and introduces the main characters. It helps to establish the context and introduces key elements that will be important for the rest of the story.

Is the setting important to the plot in children stories?

Setting is important in all stories. Where and when the story takes place often changes the way the plot is seen and understood. Imagine if the story of the Three Bears had taken place in outer space, for example, or if Heidi found herself on a desert island. It just wouldn't be the same story at all!

Story of nebacanezzer?

See Wikipedia story and origin of the phrase "writing on the wall".