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Because if the President elect is shot or killed before sworn in the vice President will be able to take the place as President.

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Q: Why is the vice president sworn in before the president?
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Why is the vice president sworn in before th president?

The answer is on:Why does the vice president of the US get sworn in before the president does?

Who is sworn in before the president?

the vice-president

Did a vice president get sworn in when president Kennedy died and Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as president?


Why is the vice presidnet sworn in before the president?

the president is the mane forces so you save the best for last

Why swear in the vice president first?

The simple explanation: The US Constitution does not permit that the nation be without a chief executive. Therefore it is a practical matter, considering that the Vice president can act as the chief executive when the President is incapasitated. For the few moments that the former President is stepping down, and the new President is being sworn in, there would actually be no President, so to avoid the problem, the Vice President is traditionally sworn in first.

If the US president dies in office who becomes President?

The vice president is promptly sworn in as President if the President dies or resigns. This unfortunate event has already happened nine times in US history.

Who was sworn in as vice president 2009 when Barack Obama got sworn chair president?

Joe Bidden was vice president when Barack Obama was president.

Where are vice presidents sworn in?

The Vice President takes the oath of office during the same ceremony as the President. Joseph Biden will be sworn in as the new Vice President prior to Barack Obama's swearing in.

When was Rockefeller sworn in as vice president?

December, 1974 was when Rockefeller became vice-president.

When is the vice president and president sworn in?

When there is a vacancy in the Presidency, the Vice President is sworn in as President as soon as possible. When there is a vacancy in the Vice Presidency, the President appoints a new Vice President, who is sworn in immediately after Congress approves the appointment. Otherwise, the normal transition of the Presidency and Vice Presidency occurs at noon EST on January 20 of every fourth year including 2009.

When was Vice President Biden Sworn in?

Biden became the vice-president on January 20, 2009. He is running for re-election in 2012.

Who are the president and vice president in 2010?

The President and Vice-President of the United States are Barrack Obama and Joe Biden. Both were sworn in on January 20, 2010. Before that date the president was George W, Bush and the vice-president was Dick Cheney.