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One answer is whaling.

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Is the orca whale endangered?

the orca whale can be endangered but i think it is not endangered

Is the right whale endangered?

The right whale is the most endangered whale in the world.

Is false killer whale endangered?

Yes the blue whale is endangered.

Is the humpback whale an endangered whale?

At the moment, the humpback whale is not endangered and it is the least concerned whale. So don't worry!:)

Are the beluga whale endangered?

No it is not endangered.

Is the blue whale endangered?

Yes it is endangered. Because of massive whale hunting.

What year did whale shark become endangered?

The whale shark is not endangered, but it is listed as Vulnerable.

Is a bottlenose whale endangered?

Very endangered.

Is the blue whale the only endangered whale?

no the blue whale is not the only endangered species of whales there are others like the humpback ,southern right whale,sperm whale and the killer whale the orca

Is the minke whale an endandered whale?

Yes the Minke Whale is an Endangered Species because the Japanese hunt the whales therefore they are endangered

What is the most endangered whale?

northern ri8ght whale

Is the blue whale and the sperm whale endangered?


Is the Fin Whale extinct or endangered?

its currently endangered

Is a gray whale on the endangered list?

The gray whale is not an endangered species. Listed as "Least Concern" by the IUCN.

Is the blue whale endangerd?

The blue whale is endangered. It is one of the largest baleen whale. The whaling industry was largely responsible for their decline into endangered status.

Is a killer whale endangered?


When did the whale whale become endangered?

Many whales are endangered, so there is no actual answer for this question. Most whales have become endangered because of whaling, or whale hunting. Here are a few endangered whales: -Humpback (not endangered), over 80,000 left -Blue Whale, between 10,000 and 25,000 left -Fin Whale, only 119,000 left -Sperm Whale, only 360,000 left -Right Whale, 450 North Atlantic Right Whale left, due to harsh whaling (it is named after whalers who called it the "right" whale to catch)

Is whale endangerd why?

the blue whale is an endangered species. they are endangered because of pollution, over hunting and global warming.

What happened that made the gray whale endangered?

humans are what happened to make the grey whale (like most things )ENDANGERED The gray whale is not an endangered species, but rather, is listed as "Least Concern" by the IUCN.

Why are whale sharks endagngered?

Whale sharks are not endangered they are threated.

Is humpback whale extinction?

No, the humpback whale is not extinct, but it is Endangered.

Why is the whale indanged?

The whale is endangered mainly due to man.

Why are killerwhales endangered?

The killer whale or orca is not an endangered species.

What kind of whale is an endangered species?

Killer whale is a type of whale which is extinct in nature.

What are some reasons the Killer whale is endangered?

The Killer whale is not endangered, some local populations are at risk, but the species is in no danger.

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