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Q: Why is there 100 marked on your 1cc syringe?
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When you fill 1 cc syringe with 1 ml of B12 what number is that on the syringe?

1cc = 1ml. So on the syringe marked in ccs, it should be 1cc.

Is 1cc 1.0 or 0.1 on a medication syringe?


Where is 0.10 on a syringe?

Depends on the barrel size of syringe, usually near the nozzle as it means 1cc.

What is a Syringe dosage converison charts?

40 mgs =1cc

Where is 0.09 ml in 100ccsyringe?

It will be impossible to give .09 ml accurately in a 100 cc syringe! You need a 1cc syringe, not 100. But if you're in the medical field, you should know this... Source: Former veterinary nurse 10 years

If I hace a 10mL syringe how many CC's does that equal?

10cc as 1ml is 1cc is 1cm3

How many 0.5ml in 1cc cyringe?

1 cc = 1 ml 0.5 ml = 0.5 cc 0.5 ml fits into a 1cc syringe two times.

What does 1CC equal to ML on a syringe?

The cubic centimeter and the milliliter are equivalent units. 1 cc = 1 mL.

How do you measure 1.75ml by syringe?

Look at it this way. ____ 1.0 ___ 0.9 ___ 0.8 ___ 0.7 ___ 0.6 ____ 0.5 ___ 0.4 ___ 0.3 ___ 0.2 ____ 0.1 Where do you think you should draw to? The spot marked 0.1. If its says Units, it's meaning CC's which 1cc = 1ml. But remember 0.1 cc is not 1cc. It is one tenth of 1 ml.

What is the difference between 1cc and 1ml syringe?

There is no difference. 1 cubic centimeter (cc) and 1 milliliter (mL) are the same volume.

How much is 0.15 in a u-100 syringe?

how much is 0.15 in a 1.0 syringe

How many cc does a insulen needle hold?

I think that you are referring to the insulin syringe,not the needle. The standard insulin syringe holds one cc, divided into 100ths, which is equal to one UNIT of insulin. It is imperative that you are using a U100 insulin solution with a U100 syringe. If you don't, the incorrect dosage could be catastrophic. There are some smaller insulin syringes that only hold 0.5 cc (making them half the size of the 1cc). They are STILL marked properly for U100 insulin even though they are smaller in size. Hope that this helps!!