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Q: Why is there a DHCP server in the Motorola SB6121 cable modem--it does NOT have a router?
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What device sends and receives information about the network layer?

Perhaps you mean a router?

What router device sends client request to first available server in a server farm?

What type of router device sends client requests to the first available server in a server farm

Can router be used as a server?

Generally, no, unless the router is part of a server based system. A router is a dedicated device to routing packets between networks or subnets. It has no traditional server function such as print or file serving, etc.

What is the purpose of using the copy tftp flash command on a router?

What is the purpose of using the copy tftp flash command on a router? to back up the current IOS image to a server to restore the IOS image from a server to back up the router configuration to a server to restore the router configuration from flash

Where are firewalls commonly placed in private network?

Between the server / router and the internet router.

What is a public server vs a dedicated server?

A public server is that you have to buy it but a dedicated server to make public means you have to forward the ports of your router.

What is primary DNS server?

The primary DNS server is usually the same as the router's IP adress.

Can you use a server as router?

yes, if it has two or more network interfaces. But why would you? Waste of a server....

When acting as a DHCP server an integrated router can provide what three types of information to a client choose 3?

An integrated router can provide:Default gatewayDynamic IP addressDNS server address.

I have a router and would like to set up a print server will i be able to use the computer router to connect with the print server to be able to print?

Type your answer here... yes u can set up the print sever by onnecting it to ur router

Where will a router operating system image be copied after the copy?

remote server

What are examples of a network?

a computer, a router, a server... they're all nodes.