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Third molars, especially in the mandible (lower jaw) are often found in states of impaction, therefore often necessitating bone removal by the oral or maxillofacial surgeon during extraction. The bone you are feeling is either the mandible (lower jaw) or the maxillary bone (upper jaw). This is found to be normal, however should you develop pain or bleeding in or around that extraction site, you should contact your dental health professional immediately, as increased bleeding after the first 24-48 hours may be a sign of a dry socket (blood clot dislodged or that failed to form).

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Q: Why is there bone where my wisdom teeth used to be?
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What is worse having a bone marrow transplant from your hip to your mouth or having all four wisdom teeth pulled out?

wisdom teeth

Can the removal of wisdom teeth cause gaps between the remaining teeth?

Yes, as the teeth can shift in the bone when the wisdom teeth are no longer there to keep them in place. Yes, but in a minimal way. The gaps that can be mostly noticed are in the back area. Rarely front teeth are affected.

Can wisdom teeth effect thinking?

Wisdom teeth have nothing to do with thinking. They are probably called that because they appear later on in life when one is supposed to be "wise". They are vestigial and serve no purpose whatsoever. Just like our tail bone is a vestigial organ so are the wisdom teeth in man.

Do they break your jaw to remove your wisdom teeth?

Unfortunately YES! I have been in many a room assisting dentists with this procedure and have seen it happen for myself way more than once. Sometimes wisdom teeth are so impacted (buried under not only your gums and jaw bone but also under nearby teeth) that the Doctor must drill away bone tissue just to get to them. Having your wisdom teeth removed can be a cake walk for some and an awful nightmare for others.

If wisdom teeth cause your teeth to get crooked Do your teeth get straight after you get your wisdom teeth extractions?

Not necessarily. Teeth tend to become more crowed as we age, especially the lower front teeth. This happens in some people regardless of whether they have wisdom teeth or not. Therefore, removing the wisdom teeth, solely for the purpose of hoping to get naturally straighter teeth, won't work.

What surgery did Jill and Jana duggar have?

Jana and Jill had their wisdom teeth removed.

Are there people who don't get wisdom teeth?

Yes, wisdom teeth or 3rd molars are the most commonly missing or deformed teeth.

Which four teeth are the last to grow in a persons mouth?

The wisdom teeth.

What are the proof that teeth is bone?

teeth are not bone

Are wisdom teeth an example of human evolution taking place right now?

Wisdom teeth are vestigial organs, which are organs that have lost their original or primary function. Wisdom teeth were used when humans had a primarily vegetative diet and needed to chew through thick vegetation. Rather than an example of evolution taking place, wisdom teeth reveal the remains of evolution.

Are wisdom teeth baby teeth?


What percent of people get their wisdom teeth pulled?

The average age should be between 16 and 20. At that age, the roots of the wisdom teeth have not formed completely, making it easier for extraction because there is less anchorage to the bone.