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Q: Why is there day why can't it be night all the time?
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Why is the dark in the night?

It is dark at night because the Earth goes aruond the sun and it cant be day all the time.

Is it day or night at the north pole?

it depends on witch time it is so cant answer it

You either tired all day or sleep all day but then you cant sleep at night?

If you sleep all day, it's pretty obvious why you can't sleep at night. But if you're tired all day but can't sleep at night, you probably have insomnia which is a symptom, not a complete disease.

Is Wal-Mart open all the time?

yes, it's open all day every day and all night evrey night

What time of the day do flamingos eat?

They eat when they want to. All day and all night.

When is the best time to have tea?

All of the time. Anytime day or night.

When its day time in the US is it day time or night time in china?

Usually night.

Why day and night do not occur at the same time in many places in the world?

because sun cant shine on the whole world at once

Hand held flares are type approved for what condition or time?

Day or Night

Does earth spin all the time?

yes because when we have night time some where else has day time

What is the definition of a 'night owl'?

A night owl is a person who is active or wakeful at night, usually up all night as if it was day and tends to sleep all day. This is usually because of a night time job or a sleeping disorder where the person has trouble with sleeping.

How can you say good night in the day time?

You can say "good night" when it is your day time, if you are talking to a person who is in a country where it is night time. When it is day time in Ireland, it is night time in Australia and New Zealand, and other places.