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The extra phone numbers might have been the incoming calls.


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The average telephone bill is 50$ a month.

how can i check qtel telephone bill in internet

Wikianswers does not divulge private or personal information, such as telephone numbers or addresses, for individuals.

Average telephone bill in 1960's were 45.00. Higher if you called long distance

Negative impact of telephone: If you stay on a telephone too long, then there will be an expensive bill.

you have to pay for the bill you have to pay for the bill

to tell us how much we have to pay for the usage of our telephone.

One way to pay a telephone bill is through a credit card. One can do it directly from a bank account as well. These two mediums for paying a telephone bill are the most common nowadays.

It has no extra value. The "embossed" serial numbers aren't an error or special type of printing. All it means is that the counter that prints the numbers was slightly misaligned, so it was pressed more firmly into the paper when the bill was printed.

telephone bill acto cashWhen you receive the bill, but have not paid it, which is done in accrual accounting but not cash basis, the entry is:Telephone Expense (debit) $$$Telephone Expense Payable (credit) $$$Once the bill is actually paid, even then it is removed from the payable with the following entryTelephone Expense Payable (debit) $$$Cash (credit) $$$If you are paying the bill as you receive it, the only difference is skipping the payable account and debiting the expense account and crediting the cash in a single entry:Telephone Expense (debit) $$$Cash (credit) $$$

Call the telephone number printed on the bill to discuss it with the people issuing the bill.

the avrage bill will be depend on the company and what play do you have on your phone

debit telephone expensescredit expenses payable

As long as a piece of string.

A telephone bill - shows your debt to the company providing your service - for any calls that have been made, and the monthly usage fee for having their service.

The average persons telephone bill per month in Tennessee is 70 dollars. The average house phone, phone bill cost 1,100 dollars per year.


Bill Good has written: 'Telephone Selling Techniques That Really Work'

He ran a red light and didnt have his license on him

yea if we didnt we would not have one

have fun paying an extra 15$ a day.

Serial numbers are counters and a security feature but usually don't help to ID a bill for valuation. Please post a new, separate question with the bill's date and what letter if any is next to the date. Some collectors will pay extra for numbers with a special pattern, e.g. 12345678, or low numbers such as 00000015.

1-866-545-1732 is the phone number for Bill Matrix Frontier.

No, MSN is a free internet service.

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