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Because people are crazy these days. They don't know what to do with them selves.

First of all, we have not been taught at an early age how to 'love' unconditionally. Most parents taught their children to love 'conditionally.' Love and affection were bestowed upon us only if they felt we deserved it. If not, it was withheld from us. Thus, many of us grew up feeling unloved and rejected.

People who are inclined to fight never received love and acceptance while growing up. They may have come from violent homes where they were abused and traumatized. Some have been abandoned by one or both parents and have a lot of inner rage. Many have never dealt with their pain, anger and frustrations. These emotions then need to find an outlet, so these people will oftentimes use fighting as a way to obtain relief, since many of them do not know any other way. 'Fighting' seems to be their weapon of choice to stop or control the pain. Many of them also use drugs and alcohol to numb their emotional pain, which oftentimes leads to even more violence and fighting. It can be a vicious cycle until the person becomes 'aware' of his/her behavior and decides to change for the better. There must be a lot of soul-searching involved here.

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Q: Why is there so much fighting in the world?
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