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Why is this site so lame?

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This sight is anything but lame my friend. If you take the time to understand how to use this site it can be a wonderful tool for education.

Ask a question. You will get a choice of several similar questions. One of them may already have an answer for you. If the question you ask has never been answered before you may have to wait for an answer but it will get answered eventually.

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Why are you searching lame questions?

As a site supervisor, I actively search for what you term "lame" questions. Some are edited to make them easier to understand. Some are trashed, these are the questions that are unsuitable for the site.

This site is lame and the greek said hee yeh?

yes, this site is lame. and u r now lame 4 posting a question on it. i have no idea why the hell the greek said he ya. ur gonna hav 2 figure that one out urself

Why does no one answer your questions on this lame site?

probly because theres like a milion questions so its kind of hard for one to stand out so fast

How do you express a fraction to the nearest tenth of a percent?

lame site

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Hey that is not nice, I am emo and I am not lame!

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If I knew, I wouldn't be visiting this lame site!

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no one but the state knows so don't be on this lame website go to a govermental site for it

Why is so lame?

It is not lame, is actually one of the best question and answer sites on the Internet.

Why are the Jonas bothers so lame?

if you think the Jonas Brothers are lame, then get OVER IT they are better than you :)

How did people react in the war of 1812?

Lame lame lame lame lame lame

Why doesn't anyone who uses this site have a sense of humor?

Because everyone who uses this website is LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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idk! thats what im tryng to find out! this site is lame..! no offecnce! :p

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