Why is timing in dance so important?


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because without timing everyone who is dancing would be doing the steps and dance moves at different times! For example: if "group 1" in the dance class was suppose to turn on 1,"group 2" was suppose to turn on 2, " group 3" was suppose to turn on 3, and group 4 was suppose to turn on 4, if you were counting " 1, 2, 3, 4 1, 2, 3, 4" , if there was timing everyone would be turning randomly!

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Focus in dance is important so that you don't get sidetracked, so you remember your dance moves, and so you can be completely and fully aware of other dancers on the stage as well as yourself.

Is important so you dance correctly without the possibility of injuring yourself.

* helps people to get there feelings out and enjoy what they are there for * Dance is important because it helps people become physically fit.

The dance allowed the dancers to show determination and bravery

Dancing is so important to me , because it gives me a way to express myself without hurting someone or getting in trouble. It helps me to be more open minded and caring. Dance is also important to me , because it helps me to stay fit and it helps me be myself. Dance is my life.

Kizomba is a Latin Social dance. It combines the dance movements and timing from European ballroom dance and the African dance. The Kizomba dance has been around since 1981.

N.D.W is so important because it lets people express their feeling for dance infornt of people. it sometimes will start a persons dancing carer. it is a tradition, and traditions are great hope that helps.

Timing is important because if you have the ball for longer than 3 seconds you get penalised.

timing in dance and to be good at what u dooing lol ;)

Dance helps develop coordination, balance and timing.

They did the sun dance in the summer. That is all I know. I am doing an project on the Kiowa at school so I know a lot more other stuff and I was not in charge of the tradition's! Their you go! The sun dance is a tradition,

so u can flip through floor, vault, bars , and beam

yup its very important because we are filipino so we can do it by ourselves

Strength is important in dance is because it help you do anything with a partner the will be still right there

because its only a samoan traditinal dance! and its important to its culture and dance!

Joropo is the national dance. An important traditional dance though is Gaita

This is important because with timing, you know when everything is going to take place or when one person does something and you do another.

it is extremley important because you need to have a good sense of surronding so you dont bump into other dancers

Yes technique is important in dance without it there would be no style or moves Angel Of Music...

Stamina is very important in dance as dance is a highly fatigues activity and stamina is needed to prolong your capability. So basically you need stamina to last longer during tiring activities.

it was thought to bring the sun to shine on the crops so they will be ready to pick

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