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It pollutes organisms, and does not dilute well. When the fist "take in the air-full of nitrogen" they pass on the an overload of nitrogen, unknowingly to the next generation of fish.

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Q: Why is too much nitrogen harmful to your water supply?
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What will happen if you will add hot water to liquid nitrogen?

It depends on how much water, how hot it is, and how much liquid nitrogen there is. The water will initially cause the liquid nitrogen to boil; if there's enough water and it's hot enough, it may make the nitrogen boil explosively. However, if there's enough nitrogen, it will eventually freeze the water.

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What are the effects of too much nitrogen in a body of water?

Nitrogen has no effect on water although it can be dissolved. Nitrogen is not hazardous in itself, and in water is not dangerous. However as your body has no use for it when breathed, it can asphyxiate. But in water it has no effect on large biological organisms. High nitrogen content can cause algal blooms in surface areas of water. However, nitrogen can be processed into nitrates by bacteria which can kill fish. Excess nitrogen is removed by humans through urea.

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Can liquid nitrogen freeze the wind?

No. The wind is composed of a small amount of water vapor and about 20% oxygen and about 80% nitrogen. The water vapor may freeze but the oxygen and the nitrogen cannot freeze at the temperature of liquid nitrogen. Oxygen has a much lower freezing point than liquid nitrogen and if the nitrogen were to be frozen, liquid nitrogen is not cold enough to freeze it...sort of like trying to make ice using cold water.

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