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Town life is better than country life for a few reasons. One major reason is the quality of life. The life expectancy of a person living in the city is much greater than that of someone living in the country. This is because cities have technology where it is easy to get medical care or even other necessities (such as clothes, furniture, appliances, even food). Town life also has much more entertainment that life in the country. There are downtowns filled with stores, much more neighbors and people so you can socialize, more events (such as movies, parades, etc.). Town life is also not necessarily predictable/the same everyday, whereas in the country, life is usually the same.

Case in point, town life has much more variety.

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Is town a verb?

Town is a noun: 'I live in a small town called Topville.'Town can be used adjectivally: 'I like town life better than country life.'Town cannot be a verb.

How do town life is better than city life?

want a debate speech on Town llife is better than city life

Is city better than country?

county is by far better because in town there's a lot of pollution in town and you can have a big yard and room for animals to play in

Why is town life better?

Not all would say that was the case. There are, generally more facilities than in the country but less than in a city. There is a great sense of community but all do not like this also.It is a matter of personal preference.

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There are few features a traverse offers that a town and country doesn't. But all in all these two are about the same in things they offer to the driver.

Write differences between life in the town and the life in the country?

country life pres full life running life

What is difference between village life and town life?

Town life is more active than village life

What has the author Margaret Gunning written?

Margaret Gunning has written: 'Better than life' -- subject(s): Birthday parties, City and town life, Fiction, Older women

Is town life better than country life?

Of course! Have you ever been to Oxford Street in London just before Christmas's It's great! The buzzing atmosphere whirling around you! How can you go to the complete opposite and live in the deserted countryside? Town and city life is also a lot more practical - you have everything you could want and need and more surrounding you. P.S. - The Topshop and Selfridges in Oxford Street is the best!!!!!!

What is the motto of New Town Secondary School?

The motto of New Town Secondary School is 'To Forge a Better Life'.

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I personally prefer Club Penguin to Toon Town

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Put a question mark after westward. Larger than life and inching steadily westward the glacier was threatening the town. The town was threatened by a glacier that was larger than life and inching steadily westward toward it.

What does Fria mean?

Use the dictionary it does wonders. Better than what people can explain on limited keyboards. And I believe it is a town in some country the atlas or dictionary will help you if you need an answer.

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yes yeovil are miles better as are dover athletic

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I don't think so but there are positive things to say about both. I personally think you need a life if you are asking this question.

Which latin American country has the longest life expectancy?

England... best town is Barnsley

How much more does teacher get paid than a nurse?

Depends on the country and the town.

Is Mildura near the country?

Mildura is considered a country city as it it bigger than a town but to small to be considered metropolitan.

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Country Town was created in 1971.

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The address of the Town And Country Historical Society is: 20 Roclare Ln, Town And Country, MO 63131-1129

What was Albert Einstein's life in his home town or country like at this time?

peaceful and has alot of eventions

Why is a country MEDC?

Because it has a better medical care, higher life expectancy, electricity usage and access, how is there transportation system,literacy rate %population can read and write, how the city or a town planned is etc

What were three major difference between town life and country life in Feudal Europe?

I don't know I need similarities not differences.

Is Griffin Gerwig better than Grant Denbow and the best basketball player in town?


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