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Because , Cis isomer are same group on same side of the c=c bond . & those are bulky group on the same side , they are formed steric repulsion to each other then Cis isomer are less stable than trans isomer is same group of opposite side of c=c bond no formation of steric repulsion to each other. and trans isomer is more stable than Cis isomer.....

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Why the trans-benzalacetophenone isomer is major product in aldol condensation?

because trans is more stable than cis since there is reduced interaction between the groups

How stable are cis-trans isomerisms?

The cis-trans isomerism tend to be very stable. Typically, trans isomers are more stable however, an exception lies in cis-trans isomers which makes them more stable than trans isomers.

Why trans isomer have high boiling point then cis isomer?

Actually, the cis isomer has a higher boiling point than the trans one because cis isomers are polar and therefore it requires of more heat to break the stronger intermolecular force

Why trans is more stable than cis?

Because in trans the large substituents (methyl groups, etc.) are farther apart and therefore have less steric strain

What are the properties of geometric isomers?

Geometrical isomerism is a space isomerism which is noticed in the organic compounds having double bond and arises because of restricted or hindered rotation of the atoms or groups about double bond. Geometrical isomers differ in their physical and chemical properties. Melting point and stability of the cis isomers are lower than those of the trans isomer. Boiling point, solubility, density, dipole moment, refractive index and heat of combustion are higher for the cis isomer than the trans isomer.

Is NH3 an isomer?

No, there is only one possible configuration for a compound with the formula NH3. An isomer is a substance for which there are more than one configurations for the same chemical formula.

Why is the nucleus more stable than the individual nucleons?

A nucleus is not more stable than a proton.

Why does the trans isomer have a lower heat of decomposition than the cis isomer?

In general, the trans isomer of an alkene is more stable than the cis isomer of the same compound. The cis and trans prefixes also apply to certain substituted cyclohexanes, other specific cyclic compounds, and to many polycyclic compounds even if those compounds do not contain a double bond.Your question asks about the "Heat of Decomposition": however, I am not familiar with that quantity, probably because it depends on the degree of decomposition in question, and therefore it is not rigorously defined as scientific terms must be.I believe that you mean the Heat of Combustion.To answer your question, all that matters is the difference in energy between a specific chemical compound and its combustion products - typically water, carbon dioxide, and perhaps NOx if it contains nitrogen. Imagine a vertical axis that represents a compound's potential energy. Also imagine that the potential energy increases from the bottom of the axis to the top. As you know, organic compounds release energy in the form of heat and/or light when they are completely oxidized by oxygen because the combustion products are more stable - they have less potential energy in total - compared to the compound that was burned. So, on your energy axis, the combustion products are below the compound that was burned, and the energy that was released during combustion is the difference between the potential energy of the organic compound and the combustion products. Now, if you have x grams of the trans isomer of a compound and also x g of the cis isomer of the same compound, then you have the same number of moles (and molecules) of both compounds. In the vast majority of cases, the trans isomer has a lower potential energy, which means that it starts out lower on the energy axis compared to the cis isomer. Since the combustion products are exactly the same for both isomers, the difference in energy between the trans chemical compound and the combustion products must be lower than the energy difference between the cis isomer and those same combustion products.In alkenes, remember that the two carbon atoms double bonded to one another and the two atoms bound to each doubly-bound carbon atom (for a total of six atoms) all lie in the same plane. In the trans isomer of an alkene, there must be two identical atoms (usually hydrogen) each bound to one of the two doubly-bound carbon atoms, and those two identical atoms must be on opposite sides of the double bond, therefore the remaining two groups or atoms bound to the carbon-carbon double bond must also be on opposite sides of the double bond.Whether the cis/trans moniker applies to an alkene, substituted cyclohexane, or to any other compound, there is usually less steric hindrance in the trans isomer compared to the cis isomer of the same compound. Steric hindrance raises the potential energy of a molecule. As a result, any stereoisomer of the same compound that has less steric hindrance will have less potential energy.

Why cis isomers have lower melting point than trans isomers?

Trans isomers have higher melting point because they are more stable than cis isomers. this stabality arises due to their shape, trans are strieght which allows H intermolecular forces to accure and make the trans stable. Also depending on the R groups, if they are next to each other (in cis) repulsion might accure (specially if the R groups are large) this can lead to reduction in the melting point of Cis.

Is NH3 more or less stable than water?

Ammonia is less stable than water.

Is the Euro a stable currency?

More stable than the US dollar.

What are lipid types other than unsaturated?

The two types are saturated and unsaturated. In the unsaturated there are two subtypes: monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. There are five isomer types: cis-, trans-, ortho-, meta-, and para-

Which is more stable three legs or four?

Three legs are more stable than 4 legs.

Why is the median a more stable measure of central tendency than the mean?

in general,mean is more stable than median but in the case of extreme values it is better to consider median a stable measure than mean.

Why do you think we are less stable than four-legged mammals?

Humans balance on two legs. This is less stable than balancing on four legs. The more legs you can lean on, the more stable you are. Centipedes are really stable!

Why is boiling point of ethanol higher than its isomer methane?

Boiling point of ethanol is higher than its isomer methane due to the presence of hydrogen bond in ethanol

Are ions more stable than atoms?

Yes, Ions are more stable than atoms due to the gain of electrons which gives them a full shell.

Which more stable benzene or naphthalene?

naphthalene is more stable because its resonance energy and number of electrons are more than the benzene

Which compounds have constitutional isomers?

Just about any compound with more than 3 atoms can exist as a different constitutional isomer.

How stable is the UK?

A t least as stable as, say, the USA or Canada, if not more stable. More stable than Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Congo. But not as stable as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Qatar.

Which is more stable hydrogen peroxide or water molecule?

Water (H2O) is more stable than hydrogen peroxide (OH aka H2O2). Water (H2O) is more stable than hydrogen peroxide (OH aka H2O2).

Is a compound more or less stable than the atoms that combined to make it?

The compound is more stable than the individual atoms were before bonding. The reason that atoms undergo chemical bonding is to become stable.

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