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Q: Why is turtle wax so expensive?
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What is Turtle Wax's population?

The population of Turtle Wax is 51.

When was Turtle Wax created?

Turtle Wax was created in 1941.

How do you wax rutabagas?

Turtle Wax

What is turtle wax?

It's wax made for cars & it's not made of turtle!

What is turtle wax made of?

carnuba wax

Who manufacturers turtle wax products?

The Turtle Wax Company.It was founded by the man who had earlier made the first chocolate-covered frozen banana, according to Turtle Wax's website.

Is the chief financial officer of turtle wax?

Don Tusek is the Chief Financial Officer of Turtle Was, Inc. Turtle Wax, Inc. was founded in 1941 and is based in Willowbrook, Illinois.

What turtle is really expensive?

Do you know what turtle isn't expensive, a red ear trappin!

What do a turtle a car the moon and an ear have in common?


What are different car cleaner and wax brands?

There are many different brands out there, but many would argue that some of the best products come from a company called Meguiar's, although their products are fairly expensive. Other brands include Turtle Wax and Armor All.

What happens if you use turtle wax on your car in the sun?

You won't get that hard shell finish that turtle was is famous for.

How many people are employed for Turtle Wax in Ohio?