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cuz kids are stupid and they drink too much

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Q: Why is underage drinking illegal?
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Is drinking illegal in India when you are underage?

Of course underage drinking is illegal, not in India only, everywhere. Minimum age for drinking in India is 25 years.

Cheese fromage yogurt?

Trespassing, illegal drugs and underage drinking

Why are underage people drinking?

BECAUSE ITS FUN. and illegal. we like doing things that are illegal and get us drunk.

Is underage drinking a felony in wisconsin?

No, underage drinking is not considered to be a felony in the state. Underage drinking is only a misdemeanor in Wisconsin.

What is the percent of underage drinking in America?

What is the percent of underage drinking in america?

What is the punishment for underage drinking in Germany?

No punishment because they encourage underage drinking.

Under 21 WHAT ALCOHOl blood level is illegal?

All states have a zero tolerance for underage drinking. If the blood content is .02 or higher it is illegal.

Should ads promote the underage of drinking?

Ads Should not promote drinking let alone underage drinking.

Is underage drinking illegal?

Yes. The legal drinking age is 21 years old in the United States. If you are under the age of 21, it is illegal and a punishable offense. Minors are not allowed to possess or consume alcohol.

Is binge drinking against the law?

although drinking isnt illegal in itself (as long as your old enough to purchase and consume it in your country) driving whilst being over the drink drive limit is an offence, so is underage drinking. so the answer to your question is binge drinking is not illegal in itself, unless you are underage (juvenile), or are causing a disturbance; where you can be arrested for being drunk and disorderly, or drunk and incapable.

What is the penalty for underage consumption in Tennessee?

what is the penalty for underage drinking

Who are the ones enforcing underage drinking?

Law enforcement officers are the primary ones who enforce underage drinking laws.

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