Why is watching TV better than TV?

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I believe I don't understand your question.

Well, actually no one does! Lol

But I understand a tiny bit so I guess I haf to say watching TV is better than TV because your watching something on TV and it doesn't cause you to be bored and another is because your watching instead of staring at the TV?

LOL i dunno
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Are LCD TVs better than plasma TVs?

LCD vs. Plasma There has been a lot of misinformation about plasmaTVs. People used to think that you had to recharge the gas over acertain period of time or that they burned out. The life span on aplasma or LCD on average is 60,000 hours. At about 8 hours a daythat's over 21 years. Most of the major ( Full Answer )

Why is reading books better than watching television?

While the TV bombards you with a sensorial experience, showing facts as they really were (or as imagined / mentally constructed by the director), books offer a conceptual description of beings and their universe. While reading we "process" the written information, so that it becomes intelligible, an ( Full Answer )

Why is reading a book better than watching television?

For multiple reasons, such as the fact that books can transport the reader into a whole other world, embarking on a journey, making a connection with the main character whilst at the same time expanding one's knowledge and interest in literary techniques. Books don't convince viewers to buy things t ( Full Answer )

Why is soccer better than watching tv?

Because while watching TV you just sit on the couch and do nothing, except harm your eyes. But if you play soccer, your body gets the much needed exercise for its proper functioning.

Is listening to music better than watching tv?

This question could be answered differently depending on what you are looking for. Environment-wise, most music players consume much less energy than TVs, so if you're looking to decrease your carbon footprint or be a greenie, then music's obviously your better preference. If all you are worri ( Full Answer )

Is a projector better than a TV?

It depends what you mean by better ...If it's a large, movie-like picture that you want, a projector is the way to go, but there are some things you need to keep in mind: 1. A projector is not plug-and-play. There is some setup involved, especially if you're looking for permanent mounting. 2. ( Full Answer )

Is TV better than reading books?

No,books are much more emersive and many times, more interesting than TV. Also, you can hurt your eyes by watching TV. Did you know that every hour of TV you watch, shortens your life by 2 minutes? Also, reading can increase your vocabuluary, imagination, and sometimes knowlege too!

Why you watch TV?

If you r bored you can watch t.v. .T.v. keeps you company because it has lotsa movies and programmes!!!!!! .

Why are books better than TV?

TV has visual pictures. The directors decide what the characters looks like. In books, you get to choose what the characters look like. You get to release your mind, so that your imagination can run free and wild like it's supposed to. Also TV makes you get heart problems and other health issues

Are books better than tv?

Yes, if you enjoy a good story and have a good imagination. Because you can picture the things in a book with your own minds eye. Yeah I think books are better because you can bring them anywhere. Also you can write your own book.

Is wireless TV better than cable?

That's a tough one. We've had `wireless TV' since the first TV broadcast transmitter went on the air. It was free and still is. Then came cable and it was followed by satellite systems. I've had both cable and satellite. My personal preferences are for one of the satellite providers over cable, but ( Full Answer )

Why is watching television better than reading books?

Because people get information faster, but when you read a book it is pretty slow! Young children like my son Jackson, loves watching little Einsteins on Play house DDisney and it is a fantastic start for them before they go to school, and they learn how to count or the ABC's or learn how to work to ( Full Answer )

Why is TV better than books?

To be honest, I wonder why you would say this! I like books better then TV, well sometimes I have to admit. I get a bit lazy and watch TV instead. Maybe that's why some people like TV better then books. But I think books have more detail, so its better!

Is a computor better than a tv?

\nI think a Computer is better than a TV because the computer can do much more than the TV.\nOn the Computer you can watch stuff, (Youtube, etc.) and do much more, like go on the internet, write up stories, listen to music etc.\n. \nTV's are advancing in technology though, like mobile phones now ha ( Full Answer )

Why is tv better than reading a book?

Perhaps a better question would be whether television is better than a book. The two are very different ways of delivering information to us. An avid book reader will tell you that a good novel can take you to places in your imagination that television or movies can never achieve. Books can be read ( Full Answer )

Is TV better than books?

people say books are better than tv because people can learn to read, write and spell but i think tv is because it makes you learn about eveyday life in most shows and because of the commersials Yes tv is much better, I believe so long as you can read and write ok the need to read shouldn't be as hi ( Full Answer )

Watching tv is better than reading books?

I would argue against that, in my opinion reading books far outweighs watching television. Reading books stimulates your imagination more, and you learn a lot more. . The content of the book and the TV program also influence the answer. The TV program can be a College level course and the book does ( Full Answer )

Why do you think tv is better than books?

yeah dawg it is so casue its so gooderer than the books and stuff like that and it gives me hurt in the head all da time so i dont read as you can sea so dats me story bout me readin life yeah dawg sea ya sooner

Why is better tv than books?

It is, tv are much better than book as there are more variatives to choose from while a book has only limited source of information. The television will be much more convenient than reading books and newspapers,because you just have to switch on the tv to have a wide things to learn,experience and e ( Full Answer )

Why is watching tv better than book?

depends on you and your views to what you think on watching TV and reading books are. Personally, i find some things on the TV better than they would be in books, but that's because you cant really get stuff on the TV from books, if you get what I'm saying.

Is Watching tv better than sleeping?

No, your brain waves are lower when you are watching tv then when you are sleeping. This means you accually think less when you are watching tv than when you are sleeping.

Why is reading books better than watching tv?

In general, reading books is much more intellectually stimulating than watching TV. For example, when you watch TV, the program is basically spoon feeding you information in visual and sound effects. When you read a book, you yourself are reading the words (and sometimes expanding your own vocabular ( Full Answer )

Are computers better than tv?

Computers are different to television so the two cannot be compared. In recent years, the function of televisions and computers are becoming closer. Televisions can access data for information display and computers are able to show some television broadcasts. As technology progresses, there is likel ( Full Answer )

When do watch TV?

At 3:00 take a 10 to 15 minute break every hour. Watch it until 8:30 if you want.

Is tv better than video games?

This question does not have an objective answer. They are twovastly different media forms. This would be like asking ifsculpture is better than painting.

What is better eating or watching tv?

eating beause you got to eat daily but not so much or you will be the world fatste person i will be back for some more aka miss Davis

Is LED TV really better than LCD TV?

Although it still depends on its technical specification, in the vast majority of cases an LED TV will be better. LED usually has a sharper image as each pixel is being changed individually by a different diode meaning that the picture also changes quicker and smoother. It is also thinner and lighte ( Full Answer )

Why is radio better than tv?

One advantage of Radio over Television in this day and age is accessibility. Television broadcast has been limited to digital signals with a more limited broadcast range. Radio is still analog with a much larger, generally, broadcast range. Radio also tends to be less distracting to drivers...

How books are better than tv?

Some people think that books are better than TV for a variety of reasons. A few might be that it is better for your eyes, it allows you to use your mind more, by imagining the characters and their actions, and you can carry books around! (Although you can carry around an iPod or something similar wi ( Full Answer )

What makes LCD TVs better than plasma screen televisions?

LCD screen TVs are brighter than plasm screen TVs which is very good to place in a room with a lot of light. Some LCD TVs have the option to create more dramatic looking contrast levels. Also very good about LCD TVs are that they weight less for easier transport and use way less electricity

Is TV direct better than FIOS?

Both Direct TV and FIOS have their advantages. Which is better is dependent on your needs. Both Direct TV & FIOS offer many economical 'bundle' packages that include phone & internet service. Both offer a great HD picture. FIOS is not affected by weather 'outages' that can sometimes knock out your D ( Full Answer )

Are Sony lcd TVs better than HD TVs?

Generally an LCD TV is also an HD TV. Perhaps you're asking if a Sony LCD TV is better than a plasma tv? If you're going for a TV over 50", plasma is a better deal, with its excellent picture quality. If you're looking for something under 42", LCD is great deal.

Are sprint tvs better than other tvs?

Although Sprint claims to have better TVs than other company's in their advertising, it is not a fact. The method at which the image on your screen is all that a service provider can provide.

Are cheap plasma TVs better than lcd TVs?

"Depending on your preferences, the plasma might be a better buy for your needs. Plasma screens are known to have better viewing angles and obviously better price. The plasma screen has more of a ""cinema"" type look to it."

Is it better to read or watch tv?

I think that it is better to watch the anime first. It is easier to understand what it going on in the manga this way if you do deiced to read it.

Is watching TV or studying better?

I know it seems tempting to watch TV but it's probably better ifyou study especially if it's like for a test the next day. Both aregreat things to do, but studying should always be the priority. TVcan be a good reward or break from studying.

Why Is exercising better than watching tv?

If one's goal is physical fitness, exercise is better than watchingTV because exercise burns more calories and developscardio-vascular and muscle strength. If one's goal is rest, entertainment, information, relaxation (orif one has no goals at all), watching TV is preferred. And here'swhat you shou ( Full Answer )

Is Sony TV better than Samsung?

The answer to this question is very subjective. Both Sony and Samsung are well respected makers of televisions. Both produce excellent products. However, for every viewer that prefers Sony televisions, there is another who prefers Samsung. We each have our own preferences and when choosing a telev ( Full Answer )

How is sports better than tv?

Sports allow people to get "out there" and off the couch. They also allow you to meet many to friends and people and have fun together. There are many sorts that can be joined, so you can pick one that would fit you best. Sports are awesome!