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What item can I use for our bathtub, it's a septic


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No, in fact no septic tank I have ever seen (hundreds) has this feature. The system relies on you keeping it healthy. Backing up usually means the tank is plugged and needs to be pumped out.

If you have a septic system, you are generally outside the city limits. So your water is probably not city water, it's well water from your own or a shared well.

If your house plumbing is put together right rainwater won't go into the septic system. A properly designed septic system only takes "waste water". Story water is supposed to drain away from the house or into a "sump".

You have a main line blockage and or a full septic tank if you have a septic system. You need to have either your sewer line roto rootered and or your septic tank pumped if on a septic system.

A septic system is used to filter waste water so it is restored to an acceptable level so it can be distributed back into the environment. A G5 septic system is a subcategory of septic systems. It is used to specify which uses are permitted in a specific community. All property owners have to follow these guidelines.

The Clear Stream septic system converts septic effluent to clear water by creating an environment friendly to aerobic bacteria. This system can solve nearly any septic odor problem due to the clear product that it leaves behind.

If you really mean it flushes but the water does not run away, then the septic tank is plugged.

If you have a septic tank it needs to be cleaned out professionally. If you hva e septic field it needs to be enlarged.

Ground water can get into most older septic tanks through gaps in the concrete.

When water disappears down a sink, it goes through pipes and either goes into a septic system in the city or a septic tank in the country.

you may have a septic system leak or a water main leak

Yes, if your house has a septic tank water from the sink and bath will eventually goes to the septic tank. However if your house is equipped with a fully dual grey water/black water sewage system, water from the sink and bath will first go to the grey water storage tank, the toilet will fill its tank from the grey water storage tank then flush through the black water pipes to the septic tank.

To get parts for a pressurized septic system, contact a service like Tri County Monitoring & Septic. They are located in Arlington, Washington. Their phone number is 360-659-7077. Their services also include water line repairs and sump pumps.

how many cups of wter does the bathtub holds

There are many types of bacteria that appear biologically in a septic system. Those that exist in the septic tank help to manage waste and organic substance. Septic bacteria naturally give off gases that break down the organic substance in the waste water causing bad odor. Some septic bacteria are intended to restore and preserve all miscarried septic systems.

It depends on how big your bathtub is.

No. The less food and other waste you can put into your septic system, the longer it will last.Tips for caring for a septic system:Avoid using antibacterial soaps, detergents, and other cleanersAvoid using bleachFeed your septic system once a month. You can do this very inexpensively by taking 1 packet of dry yeast and adding it to 1 cup of warm water and 3 T of sugar. Once the yeast "bloom" and start growing run that down the sink and into the septic.

No, just start using the will fill up.

If it is a closed system the septic tank holds the waste water until it is collected. In an infiltration system, the waste water goes into the tank where the solids settle to the bottom and the liquid portion flows through a gravel bed and into the surrounding earth. it does not block the drains

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