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Why is water harvesting so important?

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Water is said to be the elixir of human life. It is a prime natural resource, a basic human need and a precious natural asset. Over the years due to increase in population, irrigation and industrialisation, the demand of water has gone up to a large extent. This has lead to scarcity of water to such a level that it is being said that the third world war will be caused over the issue of water. Therefore water harvesting is important.

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What are the appropriate water harvesting method to control drought?

water harvesting

What is rooftop water harvesting?

collection of water, its storage for later use is called water harvesting

Why you should check on water quality of rainwater harvesting?

hat is rain water harvesting

What is the difference between fishing and harvesting?

harvesting is on ground and fishing is in water

What is the aims and objectives of rainwater harvesting?

Aims and objectives of water harvesting

Why are monsoons considered so important in India?

These are very important for the harvesting season. The summer comes in from the south, or the ocean also holding a lot of water in it for the crops to grow. They need this because of the harsh winter in India all of the crops need water.

What are the major contribution of water to society?

rain water harvesting

What is water harvesting?

Water harvesting is a method of collecting rainwater in storage tanks or pits which are dug underground; the purpose is to store the water for future use in irrigation or to increase the water table.

Is rainwater harvesting suitable method for water conservation?

yes because it helps what ever you are harvesting suitable.

What is Queen Elizabeth the 2 important for?

harvesting kush

What are the objectives of rainwater harvesting?

rainwater harvesting is done because now a days we get contaminated water and we have less rainfall so it is the better and the simple way to harvest rainwater right from our roof tops

What are the ratings and certificates for Harvesting Water the Permaculture Way - 2007?

Harvesting Water the Permaculture Way - 2007 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

What is a sentence that contains the word harvesting?

She was harvesting fruits so she could eat them later

What are the advantages of rain water harvesting?

It helps in storing the rain water

How is rainwater harvesting useful economically?

every house should have rain water harvesting system.So that our government need not spend so much on building dams and canals.our country economic level will get increased.

What are the disadvantages of rain water harvesting?

The disadvantages of rain water harvesting would be that rain is becoming more polluted and that rain is not a consistent source. This can cause sickness.

What is Conclusion for rainwater harvesting?

Harvesting rain water is to ensure a steady supply of water for domestic and industrial use through out the year and during any season.

What can you do to help countries with less water?

Teach them how to compost their humanure; so they can conserve their drinking water and prevent contamination. rain harvesting can be done also.

What is the importance of water harvesting for us?

they provide water for drinking they provide water for irrigation

Why is the income from palm oil harvesting important to its farmers?

Because it is

Have you any science model?

Rain water harvesting

Why was the moon so important to the Mayan?

the Mayan thought it was so important because time was tracked by the phases of the moon. It was also part of their religion. they used the moon to know what time it was for planting, harvesting, and festivals.

What actors and actresses appeared in Harvesting Water the Permaculture Way - 2007?

The cast of Harvesting Water the Permaculture Way - 2007 includes: Geoff Lawton as himself

How important is water?

If there is no water we die and so do all the plants and animals... so, pretty important.

Why water is water so important?

because you get water

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