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because it is highly reactive and spontaneously to combusts when expodes to the air.

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Q: Why is white phosphorus is always kept under water?
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White phosphorus is always kept under water?

Because it will spontaneously react with the oxygen in the air.

What is white phosphorus is always kept under water?

hi! did u mean y is phosphorous kept in water? den, its bcoz phosphorous is a highly reactive non-metal in air.

How phosphorus is stored in lab?

white phosphorus needs to be stored under water as it is poisonous n can ignite when in contact with air,in the same way red phosphorus is not so dangerous like white phosphorus and therefore is found in matchsticks.

How phosphorus is stored?

Red phosphorusis not stored under either water or oil. It is rather safe, although friction can convert it towhite phosphorus. Red phosphorus is used in some matches.It is white phosphorus that is the real nasty one. That is stored under water. White phosphorus ignites spontaneously in contact with air. That is the element used in some military munitions.

Is phosphorus explosive?

yes, very The white phosphorus should be kept under water at all times it is a significant fire and explosive danger.

What is the main storage pool for phoshorus?

Pn the basis that your on about white phosphorus as that is the most reactive type, all you have to do is store it under water.

Why phosporus kept in water?

Potassium is a soft metal which reacts violently (spontaniously combusts) with both water and oxygen, so both must be excluded, by storing it in paraffin or kerosene. Phosphorus is a non metal .White phosphorous is kept under water because it reacts with oxygen but not water. Red phosphorus (the allotropic form P4, which occurs when white phosphorus is heated above 275`C) is more inert and does not need to be kept in water to exclude air.

What are the problems with phosphorus?

There are two main types of the element phosphorus, red and white. Both are poisonous, leading to liver damage. The white phosphorus catches fire spontaneously in air and is difficult to extinguish . The white smoke formed (phosphorus pentoxide) forms a strong acid when dissolved in water.

Is phosphorus a solid liquid or gas in room temperature?

Solid.There are two allotopes of Phosphorus; Red Phosphorous and White Phosphorus, both are solids at room temperature under standard pressure.

Why white phosphorus has to be kept in water?

It self-ignites upon contact with air.

Does white phosphorus burn easily?

White phosphorus is very flammable.

What is the difference between red phosphorus and white phosphorus?

White phosphorus is obtained by roasting Calcium phosphate rocks and then reducing them using silica White phosphorus reacts with air vigorously that is it burns instantly in presence of oxygen and show phophorescence property ( it emits bright luminous green light in dark in prsence of small amount of oxygen ) , hence it is stable below 125'C and red phosphorus is stable above 125'C. If you heat white phosphorus upto 125'C in absence of air you get red phosphorus. White phosphorus has 4 atoms of P linked in tetrahedral shape, where as red phosphorus have amorphous network arrangement hence red phosphorus is more stable. White P is soluble in carbon di sulfide and small amount in water, but red P is not soluble in both water and carbon disulfide. white P is used in explosives, incendiaries, bullets etc