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White rice by itself is not bad, but actually good for you since it provides carbohydrates which are considerably easy to digest. But, when you take white rice in excess, since it is a starchy form of carbohydrate, it tends to accumulate weight and you could develop a large stomach!

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Q: Why is white rice bad for you?
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is white rice bad?

is white rice bad for high cholesterol

Is white rice bad for diabetics?

Go for brown rice.

You are using dry white rice to hold your makeup brushes Will the white rice go bad after a while and smell?

White rice wont go bad. But you should change it about every month to keep it fresh. Hope i helped!

Rice rice rice is it good rice or bad rice what is the answer to this riddle?

Bad rice.

Is eating uncooked rice bad for dogs?

No, not in small quantities, but the dog will get more nutrition out of cooked rice. Whole grain rice is better than white rice.

Will backyard birds eat white uncooked rice?

yes but its a bad idea because they explode if they eat rice cooked or uncooked

Is white rice bad for your stomach fat?

White rice will contribute to your stomach fat. It will more than likely make it worse because it is pure sugar when it is digested in the body.

What kind of rice is in cream of rice is it white rice or Brown rice?

white rice

What is white rice?

It is Rice that is White, like brown rice except it is White.

What is brown white rice?

Brown White Rice is called Brown Rice

Is it bad to always eat white rice?

No, all types of rice are good for you. But if you want to try something else then go ahead! It doesn't really matter.

Is raw rice bad for dogs?

Of coarse you can feed your dog white rice, because can you feed your dog white rice? is saying do you have the ability to feed your dog white rice. Of coarse you have the ability to feed your dog white rice, but if you will feed your dog white rice is your choice. you should have asked, is it healthy for your dog to eat white rice? instead.