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Why is white smoke coming from your fuel pump?


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white smoke is coming from my exhaust why?


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You aren't supposed to smoke the fuel pump

Blown fuel pump fuse, bad fuel pump relay, or the fuel pump itself has failed.

absolutely! a bad fuel pump will cause your engine to run very lean in return gassy white smoke will flow from exhaust .make sure you use quality dealer part! don't go cheap you'll regret it.

Clogged fuel filter or the pump is defective even though it is running. It may be running but not pumping any fuel.

Check the fuse, and then the fuel pump relay. If both of these are good, then the pump itself has more than likely failed.

is the noise coming from the new fuel pump (in the tank)? if so the new fuel pump is bad

The Fuel Pump Is In The Fuel Tank. You Have To Remove The Fuel Tank To Access It. The Wires Are Blue + and White -...

Fuel pump whining comming from a03 gmc sierra

probably not the fuel pump-sounds more like a cracked head or gasket.white smoke usally means that water or anti-freeze is getting into the exhaust means oil-black means fuel,

If you have power and ground at the fuel pump while the key is in the start position but have no noise or fuel coming from the pump, then the odds are it is bad

white smoke = Leaking water (anti-freeze) head gasket, bad water pump... cracked block... p blue smoke = burning oil i would suggest a leaking head gasket

Two wires are coming from the fuel pump. Black and Brown/white from the lefthand side.

Hard starting Loss of power due to fuel starvation Noise coming from pump area

No. The fuel pump is what pushes the fuel into the cylinders. If you have no fuel coming into the engine, it won't run no matter what you do.

Why did you need to replace the oil pump? It is possible that the same thing caused engine damage. White smoke usually means coolant is burning in combustion due to head gasket leak, grey smoke would be oil burning and may be caused by damaged rings or valves, black smoke is too much fuel.

the fuel pump is located inside the gas tank.To change fuel pump, take off the bed of your truck and unscrew the white thing on top of the gas tank. That is your fuel pump.

the fuel pump is in the gas tank and the filter should be on the line coming out of the tank that goes to the engine.

Pop the bleeder and cycle the pump until only pure fuel is coming out.

I have a 94 jeep and the fuel pump went out. the way to tell is if jeep wont start. that because there no fuel coming from the pump to the motor.

The fuel pump may be defective or the fuel filter may be clogged. Replace the fuel filter if you hear the pump run when you first turn on the ignition without starting the engine. It should run for a few seconds. If you do not hear the pump running, check the fuse and the fuel pump relay. If you hear it run and after replacing the fuel filter you still have no fuel, the pump is defective and must be replaced.

Check the fuse, check the relay, check the wiring especially at the fuel pump. If all that checks good, replace the pump.

Pumps fuel to keep fuel supply coming once you turn the key on

air can only enter a fuel system in a suction situation so check fuel lines between fuel pump and fuel tank for cracking or holes, i am guessing that you have a rail mounted fuel pump since a tank mounted pump hardly ever has this problem if it is the latter then replace the in tank fuel pump unit.

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