Why is wind energy so important?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Energy is so important because if we didnt have energy we all could die

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Q: Why is wind energy so important?
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What is energys source?

An energy source is something that gives off energy. Such as sun, wind, water, coal. Sun is important in producing solar energy, wind is important for wind energy, Water for hydroelectric power And coal for thermal power.

What type of energy is associated with wind?

Wind is moving air. So it contains kinetic energy

How will wind energy help the US?

Wind power is an important form of renewable energy. Wind power converts the energy of wind into electricity. In order to reduce the pressure on fossil fuel consumption, renewable energy is a must.

Are windmills wind energy?

Windmills are not wind energy but if put in use it can create energy from the wind it gets so its called wind energy but all the energy is retained by the windmill... Easily enought "NO"

Why is wind important on a planet?

Wind is not just to keep you cool,wind is also another type of energy.

Is wind a non-renewable energy resource?

It is renewable because, wind will never go away. Wind energy is renewable, so solar. Fossil fuels are non renewable. It is important to use wind or solar energy because it is renewable.

Can wind power generate electricity?

Yes, wind power can generate electricity. Wind energy is considered to be an important contributor of renewable energy having no emissions of CO2.

What is the difference between wind energy and wind turbines?

. Wind energy is the energy taken from the wind that makes the rotor blade of the wind turbine to rotate, so that an alternator coupled to it can generate electricity. Wind turbine is a huge apparatus designed to transform wind energy into electricity.

How is wind energy easily renewed?

Wind energy is renewed when the wind starts blowing and the turbines start spinning. since wind energy is renewable you don't have to worry about it running out-as long as the wind blows- so as long as the wind blows, wind energy will always be renewed

Why are energy wind mills so high up in the air?

so they get more wind

Is wind energy cheap or expensive?

wind energy is only air but wind mills and wind turbins are about 5m to 10m dollars... so yes they are expensive.

Why is wind energy so controversial?