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wolves and snow leopards are enemies because they compete for some of the same prey

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Q: Why is wolf a snow leopard enemy?
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What is the snow leopards natural enemy?

humans and wolf are the enemy of the snow leopard

Who is a snow leopard's enemy?

A human hunter is a snow leopard's worst enemy.

Which is better the Arctic wolf or the snow leopard?

It depends. People who have the snow leopard and not the arctic wolf think its better and the people who have a arctic wolf thinks its better then the snow leopard.

Who would win in a fight a snow leopard or a black wolf?

Snow leopard

Will a snow leopard eat a wolf?

Wolves are not a regular diet item of the snow leopard.

How does a snow leopard defend itself?

by attacking its enemy

Is a cheetah a snow leopard's enemy?

No of course not! Why would it be...

Who would win a fight between a snow leopard and a wolf?

This Is A Tough One But I Think A Wolf Because Wolves Are Skinnier And Faster. Wolves Are Also A Very Big Competitor Of The Snow Leopard And Wolves Can Live In Packs Which Can Rip The Snow Leopard Into Shreads.

Enemies of a snow leopard?

They barely have enemies. Humans are the enemy.

Do snow leopards have enemies?

Snow Leopards do have enemies. It's enemy is a WOLF!

Can a snow leopard kill a wolf?

Yea a cat a size of leopard or bigger can win aginest any dog

Which is better the snow leopard or the Arctic wolf?

The best I think is the arctic wolf since all of the clothes look awesome.

Do foxes kill snow leopards?

No. There is no canid on earth that could kill a snow leopard, even a wolf would be defeated.

What eats a snow leopord?

predators and enemies - snow leopards. The snow leopard needs trees to get away from it's enemies such as the wolf, the tiger, and the cheetah.

Who are the panda bear's enemies?

The main enemy is man. The snow leopard is a other enemy, dogs are enemies too because of man. Panda bears rarely have a enemy after them.

What weighs as much as a snow leopard?

A gray wolf. They both weight about 100-120 pounds.

Adaptations of a snow leopard?

An Adaptation of a snow leopard is it blends into the snow.

What is the lightest leopard?

a snow leopard is the lightest leopard

Are there any roar cheat codes to unlock the ice field the snow leopard the wolf the clouded leopard the jaguar and the fishing cat?

so here's the ice field: it drinks water from the ocean and run away sometimes the snow leopard eats its dead prey when it is down by the woods

What does a snow leopards name mean?

Snow Leopard does not mean anything. The Snow part of the name just means snow, and the Leopard part of the name means leopard. The difference between a regular Leopard and a Snow Leopard is that the Snow Leopard is white with black spots.

What are the 7 levels of classification for a snow leopard?

The kingdom for a snow leopard is Animalia. The phylum for a snow leopard is Chordata. The class is Mammalia. The order for a snow leopard is Carnivora. The family is Felidae. The genus is Panthera and the species is Uncia. The scientific name for a snow leopard is Panthera uncia.

What would win in a fight a gray wolf or a snow leopard?

Snow Leapard, Becuase it has more energetic experience in fighting for predators. Grey Wolf is just a lazy bum animal just sit and whine and howl, and After all, Snow Leapard is one of the rare species.

How you crossbreed a cheetah in zoo story 2?

grey wolf and snow leopard. it costs 53 gems to crossbreed a cheetah

Can a leopard eat a wolf?

Usually in the case of snow leopards it's the other way around. Wolves will eat snow leopard cubs if they are left unattended on their own. Leopards are carnivores but they usually eat smaller animals such as rodents.

Is the Arctic wolf going to be in the animal shop on Animal Jam?

it is considered that in 2013 november24 it will be on the list so will the lionAnd snow leopard or it's a lie Unless the phantoms destroy Jamma and they put the artic wolf lion and snow in the alphas