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Try replacing the idle air control valve (IAC)

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Q: Why is your 87 Chevy beretta stalling when idling?
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Is the steering column of an 87 Chevy Beretta automatic v4 interchangeable with an 88 Chevy Beretta manual v6 the part I really need is the dorman 83209 steering column lock actuator?

Yes! Nearly all chevy parts are interchangeable. And even pontiac parts with the same motor are interchangeable. But yes. The steering column is interchangeable

What other winshields will fit a 1991 beretta?

any other year beretta 87-96

What would cause an 87 Buick Century to shutoff when idling?

old fuel filter

How do you adjust the valves on 87 Chevy s10 2.8 v6?

what is the valve settings surposed to be for a 87 s10 chevy pickup 2.8 ci

Can a 86 350 Camaro engine fit a 87 Chevy caprice?

Chevy didn't offer a 350 in an 86 Camaro, but if they did, it would theoretically work in an 87 Caprice.

What grade of gasoline does a Chevy Beretta engine use?

All Beretta engines (with the exception of the Quad 4) are designed to run on regular (87 octane) gasoline. You should not need to use a higher octane fuel unless you have modified the engine internals and increased the compression ratio.The Quad 4 engine runs on premium (92+ octane) fuel.

What do you have to do to use the heads from an 83 Chevy 350 on your 87 Chevy 350?

bolt them on their the same

What transmission is in your 87 Chevy truck?


What year is your 350 Chevy engine 14093638?


What grade of gasoline does a Chevy Avalanche to use?

87 octane

Where are 87 Chevy p.u. wiring diagram?

What is the timing on Chevy 87 350?

8 degrees.

Does the 87 Chevy Camaro have a four bolt main?


Does your 87 Chevy El Camino have a starter relay?


How do you remove heatercore 87 astro van?

how to remove heater core 87 Chevy astro van. like to have diagram.

Will a 91 Chevy pickup bumper set fit a 87?


What the best gasolone for Chevy Cobalt 2007?

87 octane

Where is voltage regulator on 87 Chevy pickup?

Inside the alternator.

What is the firing order on 87 Chevy?

Need to know which engine you have.

What gas goes in a 95 Chevy Caprice?

87 octane

Where is the fuse box for 87 Chevy Celebrity?

The fuse block on a Chevy Celebrity is located on the bottom of the dash to the right of the steering column.

Will a transmission from a 85 Chevy K5 blazer 4x4 fit an 87 Chevy k5 blazer 4x4?

can I put a 99 Chevy 4l60e transmission in my 86 k5 chevy blazer

How do you repair the fuel gauge on a 87 beretta?

depends of course on the nature of the problem(undescribed) but one malfunction could be the sending unit in the fuel tank.

Are there any cars that an Pontiac 6000 LE engine will fit into?

There are many. Depending on the motor. It is a direct fit, regardless of motor, only year, for the Chevy Celebiry, Olds Cutlass Ciera, Buick Century. Other cars, depending on motor.. If 2.8 or 3.1 MPFI 87 and on.. * Buick Regal * Chevy Lumina * Pontiac Grand Prix * Olds Cutlass Supreme * Chevy Corsica * Chevy Beretta * Chevy Cavalier (slight mod required) * Pontiac Sunbird (slight mod required) If a 2.5 * Chevy Lumina * Pontiac Grand Am * Olds Cutlass Calais * Buick Skylark/Somerset There are others, just that s all that comes to mind at the moment.

What other Chevy hoods are interchangeable with a 1986 silverado?