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Q: Why is your 92 Honda Accord brakes light on?
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Does the 92 Honda accord include anti lock brakes?

yes, they came standard with ABS is 91'

How many mi les can be put on a 92 Honda Accord?

I had an 92 Honda accord that had 375,000 Miles on it and hit a wall and the motor still ran!

Is 92 Honda Accord LX water pump same as 92 Honda Civic LX?

No, they are not the same.

Where do you put transmission or brake fluid in 1993 Honda Accord?

where do I add brake fluid to my Honda accord 92

What does it mean if the brake warning light on the instrument panel goes on when turning or accelerating in your '92 Honda Accord?

check brake fluid level. and have a brake inspection . you more than likely have front brakes needing replaced.

92 Honda accord lx check engine light is on and stays on?

You have a problem with the emissions system. Seek professional help.

I have a 92 Honda accord ex and there is no power to the power windows?

Can put 87 Honda Accord brake pads on your 92 Honda Civic?

NO, they will not fit.

Your check engine light came on in your 92 Honda accord ex what does that usually mean?

Usually means there is a problem that is emission related.

Where is the backup light switch on a '92 Honda Accord?

it's a function of the shift-position sensor switch (automatic) which is in the center console.

How do you clean rear seat from 92 Honda accord?

Use a Vacuum.

Can a 1989 Honda Civic Engine fit a 1992 Honda Accord?

Unless you get some custom mounts made, the civic engine will not mount in the accord. Any 92-96 Accord or 92-01 Prelude engine will bolt up to the 92 accord. **Note, the 97+ Prelude engine is OBD2, but can be converted back to OBD1, which is what the Accord is..

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